Monday, 11 February 2013

Fusion on earth

Nuclear fusion by waterfall!
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Jonathan Thomason
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                      11 February 2013

                Where ever we have high pressure water in turbulent flow, or better still chaotic kinetic interaction we turn the regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus heat and gamma wave radiation:


                                Where γ he’s gamma wave radiation-though we also see X ray radiation.

                There is no chemical source of helium gas and gamma wave radiation.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion from regular water.  Even at 3° C-not the had 10,000,000° C at results from asons doing atomic nuclear fusion.

                Nature is full of it.  Which is why the global air has 5.125 parts per million helium in it.  This gas is lost to space-and replaced every day.  It is two half times as much appears carbon dioxide.

                That gas is metabolised by plants within 5 minutes.  Resulting me the global level is at a free industrial two parts per million.

                All the time nature is getting at energy by doing molecular nuclear fusion from water.  We also see this process goes on from ammonia and hydrocarbons-other compounds of hydrogen.  Present as the crates in turbulent flows around refineries.

                Every lightning strike produces five terms of helium gas.  And gives off nuclear radiation-as I learned on my master’s degree in to engineering that Sheffield University in 1983.

                The molecular nuclear fusion going on in the sea currents results in the production of helium and ozone gases.  Man’s electric transformers in the rain produces helium and oxygen gases and give off nuclear radiation.

                A steam plasma tube is the way it mankind came get out of control for molecular nuclear fusion-above four atmospheres the steam plasma will self sustain.  Turning regular water into heat and light.  No radioactive waste.

                It masterly undercuts burning fossil fuels.  And consigned nuclear fission from uranium to the toxic waste heap of history.  As hyper are expensive and hyper toxic.

                Even waterfalls produce helium and ozone gases, and give off heat and nuclear radiation.

                Green plants in light tone carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, helium, ozone and heat and gamma wave radiation.


Jonathan Thomason

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