Thursday, 7 February 2013

Genetic diseases


7 February 2013

                There is a whole colony of diseases out there that are termed ‘genetic’ diseases.  This is rubbish!

                Huntington’s Korea is caused by mutation in one dominant gene.  At meiosis the embryo gets one alley all of the gene from each parent.  At random.  Healer the dominant or recessive aleal.

                In Huntington’s you only have one copy of the defective gene!  So each generation should see the incidence of the disease decrease by 75%!  Only one in four children will inherit the dormant aleal variety.

                I just read a document from Harvard University, so in two other children become carriers!  So defective aleal is three times as common in the air my essays copying process, but two out of three times magically becomes recesive.

                It is the dominant aleal!  It is biologically impossible for entry copied out three or four times, and twice become a recessive.  That does not happen.

                This also implies that to the children have the defective aleal, but do not develop the disease.  This is biological nonsense!  They stand of one in four chance of inheriting the defective gene-and then the 100% chance of developing Huntington’s Korea.

                So each successive generation, she was C the disease quarter!  The effects on the family also dramatic, that family would have fewer children and less chance of hanging on their genes to successive generations.

                What we have is an immune susceptibility which allows infections to modify the Huntington’s gene-to include 35 per applications of the defective genetic sequence.

                That is not random!  That is the handiwork of infective disease.  Medics learned about DNA, and trying to rewrite genetics to explain diseases.  They just got the basic structure of DNA totally wrong!  You do not have 50% transmission of the dominant aleal.

                Mike own tension is that the disease will be caused by a fragment of an infection, that be tolerated by the immune system as it does no cell damage.

                If we give a drip of interleukin two and four also sequences in the body are cleared.  So all the diseases of age are also clears.

                Using ultrasound to cure a infective disease will stop the formation of such pathogen fragments.  And stop the development of the diseases of age.

                The present explanation of Huntington’s Korea is biological nonsense.  Any genetic disease would have bread itself has the population very quickly!  Quartering with each successive generation.

                Take MS.  Orkney had a is similar MS incidence to Norway.  Then they builds the early warning system.  We sore the massive influx of migrant workers and their diseases.

                Suddenly Orkney with a stagnant genetic gene pool became the world centre for MS.  I contend it is caused by pathogen fragment left over from infective disease.  In just the same way that Huntington’s Korea arises.

                Harvard University has the world’s leading biologists!  I have allowed tantamount biological nonsense to the torch for last 60 years.  Huntington’s Korea is obviously coals by something outside the genes of the population.

                We get world concentrations are Huntington’s, in just the same way we get concentrations of infective disease in a locality.  QED!


Jonathan Thomason

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