Monday, 25 February 2013

limitless natural gas


25 February 2013

                When the dinosaurs died so did 85% of life on earth!  At the time was 65% more life on earth.  Resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.  Though I have the time photosynthesis was less evolved.

                It left four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  Modern photosynthesis only leaves 2ppm.  In the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages: 160 607 hundred million years ago air.  With twice and dioxide in the air.

                Man has steadily released fossilised organic carbon into the air.  So restoring carbon to active biology.  Photosynthesis imposes a total limit of free carbon dioxide in the air.

                Mankind has increased the level of carbon dioxide by 0.0004% a day every day since industrial revolution.  So plants have abserved the organic carbon, to increase the biomass on the planet.

                So every afternoon plants have grown for additional 0.00002 seconds every day.  Leaving a static level of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Local level rises are 10,000 times less important than a local forest fire all volcanic eruption.  They have absolutely no global significance.

                Any person who suggests that man can affect the biochemistry of photosynthesis needs serious medical intervention.  Particularly as they are the paid stooges to nuclear power-the most toxic and least green industry that will ever exist.

                The only technology of mankind’s that can cause continental scale toxic death!  And kill all life indiscriminately.  As I say it totally ungreen.  In contrast burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Restoring Jurassic Life to the active environment.

                All that organic carbon is fossilised in the deep.  As the river of deep water that runs around the earth percolates through the carbon deposits, it forms methane!


                So nature produces methane and helium gas dynamically: all the helium man can extract from the deep is produced dynamically as the percolating water does chemical molecular nuclear fusion.

                Helium is produced by nuclear fusion.  There is no chemical source of this gas.  Which is why all natural gas around the world had extracted mixed with helium.

                The oxygen gas is the soluble in the geothermal water, and he is removed from a magma chambers.  Where the methane gas collects.

                If their ears exposed platinum are titanium metals the methane gas forms Petroleum Oil.  When man extracts of this substance, nature only replaces it every 1,000,000 years.  So oil Wells run out.

                Gas Wells are refilled dynamically with methane gas.  There are 2000 years of natural gas along the continental shelves of the world.  If one or gas well dials run down, we can drill another gas well five kilometres away.

                And in the next decade the first gas well will refill with natural gas.  As man burns this gas, life on earth increases.  Jurassic Life is resurrected in modern biological form.

                Oil Wells exhaust!  Gas Wells refill.


Jonathan Thomason

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