Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Making fresh water


6 February 2013

                Boiling off water is very energy intensive!  We could use steam plasma tubes, where a minute trace of water produces heat and light!  No carbon dioxide.  No toxic waste.  You get your energy for free.

                Alternatively you could use higher pressure filtration.  Which is 40% of the cast, and very dangerous!  And OK as regular replacements of the filters.  Florida Air just spent the4 million dollars on the high pressure deceleration plant.  Not a good investment!

                We were taught as Xi your school child, in first year high school physics that exerting a metre pressure head even over ice causes it to sublime-become water vapour.  Exerting a vacuum on water produces a lot more pure water.

                We lose all salts, bacteria and heavy metals.  The power required is given by a

E=PV     E=energy             P= pressure        v= volume.

                The pressure is 0.001 atmospheres.  The volume 1000 times that of the produced water.  So energy required is 10 W!

                A brisk walk up stairs 150 W.  High pressure deceleration requires for kilowatts/litre.  The sea evaporates slowly and atmospheric pressure.  The water and a vacuum evaporates instantaneously.

                We pump the water vapour to high storage!  Either a holding reservoir, or storage tank.  We add a minute trace of chlorine.  Even so the vacuum water will cost under 5% of the cost of mains water!

                Even writing off the Capital Equipment in two years.  It will require some of maintenance in 20 years’ time.

                Farmers and industry are large users of water.  Factories tend to be sited on river boundaries.  Even now that water is brown, desalination using a vacuum or making its totally drinkable!

                For men’s I intensive users of water, and this will save them an absolute fortune.  Towns and cities can set up their own water companies to supply in the local accommodation, and masterly undercuts water companies.

                The idea of water company is making profits, was so they could invest in the water infrastructure.  Today a water company is are increasing their prices by 3.5%, to fund such Capital Investment.

                They are getting people to pay him for water infrastructure to turns over-and take massive and justify profits.

                Any body on the sea front can go off grid for water.  And use a solar vacuum pump, to provide all their water needs.  Charging for water is simple extortion.

                The country is surrounded with water-only with salt in.  A small vacuum pump can sort that one out.


Jonathan Thomason

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