Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Making water


26 February 2013

                In Saudi Arabia pressure water is more expensive than oil!  This is because people insist on filtering water!  The filter brown water to remove contaminants.  Thing is free, and filter changes.

                The helium filler salt water to remove the salt!.  At high pressure.  Which is high energy, so both expensive and dangerous.

                They can use my idea from O level physics: they apply 1 meter of vacuum to the water, to cause it to boil.  This removes all contaminants-even salt.  You are left with pure water-it is free contaminants as distilled.  Which it actually is!

                Q=PV    so the amount of power we used to grow to a vacuum is very low!  We use solar vacuum pumps.  Maybe topped up with mains power during the night.  Or we could charge of arteries during the day, and discharge them at night.

                This totally changes the water supply industry.  It is exactly the sort of science chemical and process engineering should be developing!

                It produces pure water fall well below the cost of running a reservoir in temperate regions.  All the extra plant growth will massively increase the biomass around the world-if only there was more carbon dioxide to take Ian from the air.

                The notion that mankind could increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the air despite there being four trillion organisms around the earth, dynamically sinking available carbon dioxide is the biggest piece of science fiction ever presented to the world as fact.

                All the carbon fuels were active biology in the Jurassic age.  There was 65% more life on earth mound.  Carbon dioxide is the green gas.

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