Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Powering a house from the environment


6 February 2013

                I did my degree in the 1980s.  It was realized then that a heat pump could heat and power a house.  The great obstacle was equipment cost.  Energy needed to become twice to dear for the idea to come viable.

                No energy is four times more expensive.  And heat pump systems are being used to heat a house from a garden!

                We pass a low pressure cold gas through pipes below the grass, together environmental heat.  So the gas ends up at 3° C to 28° C.

                We then pressurise the gas!  Only travelling the pressure causes the gas to be up to 250° C.  Obviously only a third of a volume!

                We use the gas to boil of a small amount of water.  And generate heat for the house.  This system will operate all day-so during the night we sell excess power to the grid.

                All this technology was fully developed in the 1950s.  Is has now been used because the economic climate was not right.  Power costs were too cheap!

                We then cool the spent steam down on the boiler room of the central heating system: or during the summer without the heat to the air!

                The capital costs of such equipment is £6000 pounds.  But it will replace all mains electricity and gas-for ever.

                The technology is so basic the first year engineering student could designed such a system!

                They could also evaluate the pressure and temperature four forms of the steam plasma tube!  Each lightning bolt around the earth generates 2.5x1030 Watts of power from 1.5 kilometre steam plasma.  Itself sustains at atmospheric pressure for three seconds.

                In a glass tube a steam plasma should self sustain for ever!  While we top up the water pressure.  Generating heat and light using no mains electricity was started.  This would totally replace all burning of oil and gas.

                Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.  But there again, carbon dioxide drives all biology on earth.  Plants grow until there is only 2 parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.

                The average static trace level of this gas in the global air since the little ice age ended!  When carbon dioxide was at four parts per million.  Carbon dioxide only rises was a natural ice age has commenced.


Jonathan Thomason

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