Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Powering a house


6 February 2013

                The average house room plants under 3 kW to heat and power it.  6 kW falls on the roof during the day.

                We pass cold low pressure gas over the roof.  We then pressurise gas and get enough heat to drive a small generator, using the exit heat to power a central heating!  Cooling the years to steam down to a liquid water, to return to the boiler room.

                Way he’s is heated up by the high temperature and pressure gas.  The system generates enough excess power to drive the pressurisation System.  The sun only shines during the day, so we charge up a large accumulation of batteries beneath the garden.

                The energy is drawn from the environmental energy which goes to waste today.  So there has generates all the heat and power it uses.

                It can go off grid for electricity and gas.  Such a system will cost 6000 UK pounds to set up.  And pay for itself in 2½ years.  After that all heat and power is free!

                The maintenance costs are such a system are truly trivial.


Jonathan Thomason

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