Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Powering the world

20 February 2013

                Every time we burn carbohydrates or hydrocarbons, we produce helium gas and gamma wave radiation.  There is no chemical source of either!  We are actually doing molecular nuclear fusion:

Cm(H2O)n+O2->mCO2+nH2O+p(He+O)+E+gwr     where gwr= gamma wave radiation.  And m=n+p

                All the free radical oxygen ends up as ozone!


                So burning carbon fuels does molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why it works so well!  And explains the massive problems nuclear power has been carbon dioxide.

                The level of this gas in the air is totally limited by photosynthesis!  Every day plants, bacteria and algae grow until carbon dioxide levels fall to two parts per million.

                The static level of this trace gas in the air, says carbon dioxide levels halved at the end of the little ice age.  Carbon dioxide can only rise in a natural ice age!

                All academics who have ever taught that mankind could affect the level of carbon dioxide in the global air, should so obviously not be in education.  They are contradicting basic high school biology.

                Extra carbon dioxide ends up in extra life on earth.  In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuel, but there was 65% more life on earth.  Resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.

                The fossil fuels formed as 85% of life on earth died with the dinosaurs.  As man burns the fossil fuels he resurrects that biology into new life on earth.  The level of carbon dioxide in the air is totally limited by global photosynthesis.

                Man made climate change is third rate biological rubbish from nuclear power: the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  Burning carbon fuels increases life, plummeting nuclear power to operate for results in it’s death!

                There is 2000 years of coal deposits beneath the continental shelf in the world.  Off shore for fracking will produce massively cheap natural gas.


                Magma pockets filled with methane and oxygen-plus the helium gas produced by molecular nuclear fusion in the deep earth.  The oxygen is carried away in the river of water running around the earth.

                So natural gas always comes up with helium gas Ian.  Though all helium gas should have been lost to space 3.8 billion years ago.  Helium gas is produced dynamically as the geothermal water percolates through coal deposits.

                Within a decade academics will have pinned down the science are the steam plasma tube:


And        He++e- ->n0         16O+n0->2Be->4B->8He->16(H++e-)

                So a steam plasma tube converts all regular water into heat and light-with no toxic radioactive end product.  Not even any life enhancing carbon dioxide.

                We do not need any heavy water.  Read about it in my book

ISBN 13388317
Waterfall fusion by Jonathan M Thomason

                The science is real, the story is fiction!  There is no case for ever per meeting hyper toxic nuclear fission to ever build a new plant!  Global warming was their PR designed to get the plant within 10 years.

                Man made climate change flatly contradicts its!  But he is similarly as biologically impossible-man has no control over carbon dioxide levels in the air.  Because of biology doing photosynthesis-and so supporting life on earth.

                So we see that even the humble waterfall, over one metre highly produces helium, heat and gamma wave radiation.  And these to the creation of ozone gas.

                The steam cycle does the same-which is why even nuclear power uses a steam cycle to generate more energy, unless it consumes.  Though it produces waste which is toxic for 100,000 years.

                And every 25 years a plant blows up, showing radioactive waste across a continent.

Jonathan Thomason

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