Sunday, 17 February 2013

Rain does nuclear fusion

17 February 2013

                Where ever we have all the rain drops, we see the release of gamma wave radiation and production of heat and helium.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.  The residual oxygen atoms end up as ozone in the free air.

                This is an interesting fluid dynamics problem.  It can be examined in the laboratory.  The we have a rig that releases drops of water of a known size.

                They will accelerate and a gravity at 9.8 m/s2.  They accelerate until there speed exactly balances air resistance.

                There is an optimum size for rain drops.  But heavy rain produces larger rain drops.  As they produce a down rush of local air.  This is a fascinating fluid dynamics problem.

                If we arrange it so they hit a metal surface, the water drops will do molecular nuclear fusion as they hit ground level.

                If we use a titanium plated metal surface, or concrete made using TiO as the filler, we will double the amount of MNF: there for the concrete service the multiplying factor will be less than 2.

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Jonathan Thomason

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