Monday, 18 February 2013

Reprocessing nuclear waste

18 February 2013

                A steam rises for a liquid water, it causes the auld bubble walls to collide and do molecular nuclear fusion.


                This process causes of all boiler rooms in the world to liberate gamma wave radiation.  And results in ozone and helium gases.  It is four times as energetic as hyper toxic nuclear fission.

                It goes off as new used fission rods are immersed in water the end of the working lives.  Once the stock to generating steam themselves we just wait 50,000 years.

                The world now accepts that PW R’s liberate more heat energy and just from the nuclear fission of the fuel rods.  Are doing molecular nuclear fusion on the cooling water bath.

                So if we bubble steam through used fission rods, they are rendered safe within three years!  The simplest way to generate steam bubbles, is to use a steam plasma tube.

                The steam dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen gases-2xH+ and O2-plus free e-.  The chaotic interaction of naked protons and electrons is not annihilate them!  It forms the composite particle of the neutron.

                Which bonds with heavier atomic nuclei, and cause them to progressively fission into more hydrogen.  The collision of the hydrogen nuclei converts them into helium!  And liberates any surplus neutrons as heat energy plus gamma wave radiation.

                So gradually all the matter is converted into heat.  We need to top up the steam pressure with new steam, but the plasma self sustains above four atmospheres pressure.

                Producing a continuous stream of steam bubbles, which do molecular nuclear fusion as it passes through the water.  So helium and ozone bubble out.  But we have a steady stream of neutrons to interact with the used fission rods.

                The plutonium and strontium fission into savour elements like 81Y.  Which fissions into the yet smaller and savour elements.

                All fission rods in storage can be render safe within five years.  And then processed to yield useful amounts, and the rest buried in an exhausted mine workings!

                All fission waste in the world is rendered safe.  All desire to do hyper toxic nuclear fission will cease as it is realized molecular nuclear fusion is four times as energetic-and goes off from regular water.

                Even a waterfall does molecular nuclear fusion.  Read about it in my book

ISBN 13388317
Waterfall fusion by Jonathan M Thomason on

Jonathan Thomason

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