Friday, 15 February 2013

Saving lives on earth


15 February 2013

                The biggest a around the world not cancer now!  It is coronary heart disease.  But like cancer it is caused by fragments of genome left behind by infective disease.

                They form a bacterial rump on the fatty plaques around the coronary arteries, or around the kidneys!  We may find the same viral rump colonises both areas.

                My medical friend assure to me the rump makes inappropriate renin.  The enzyme produced by kidneys which controls the blood pressure!  The heart does not regulate blood pressure, he just responds to the endogenous production of renin.

                Coronary heart disease is caused when the bacterial rump the seas around with the enzyme signalling system.

                Like the pathogen as it came from, the bacterial rump is pressurised!  This gives it a vitality advantage, and makes it biologically important.  An unpressurised rump would do nothing.

                Rather than use biochemistry to treat the problem, we can use physical method is to remove the bacterial rump.  Thus removing the inappropriate enzyme production.

                Body cells are damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  40 kHz is a useful frequency to cause the rapid boiling of water.  The science to produce a microwave kettle was dumb 20 years ago.  It will be less power demanding than electric heating element.

                Boiling water for 25% of the energy cost of the heating element.  A microwave contained within a kettle body would be about similarly as efficient.  They both turn the water into helium and oxygen gases, plus loads of heat.

                The gamma wave radiation produced by the molecular nuclear fusion is too low powered to escape the kettle body.

                When we expose the coronary arteries and kidneys to 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound, the pressurised bacterial rump expenses cell content boiling.

                The cell wall is a minimal cell wall produced by the B cells for empathic bacterial structures.  This DNA is cleared from the body routinely.  ¼ of the cells in the own body, are not human!  They are viral or bacterial in nature.

                The body assimilates foreign DNA to do jobs more efficiently than four tumour cells condition.  The bacterial rump appears not to be harmful.  So is permitted to stay.

                When exposed to HIUS (high intensity ultrasound) the bacterial rump expenses cell content boiling an explosively fragments.  This induces an immune action to clear the rump throughout the body.

                One single application of ultrasound will clear the heart disease.  No drugs.  No failing biochemical treatments.  This will save 12,000,000 human lives every year around the earth.

                Cancer can be cleared routinely using HIUS.  So can heart disease.  There is no possible reason to ever use biochemistry ever again.


Jonathan Thomason

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