Sunday, 17 February 2013

The most important science

17 February 2013

                Nature does loads of nuclear fusion!  Which is why there is 5.125 parts per million helium gas in the air.  Which is lost to space within 24 hours, the and is replaced the next day.

                The fluid turbulence of high pressure water or steam turns the regularH2O into helium and oxygen gases-with massive heat and a little gamma wave radiation.  The D. C. also produces light flashes.

                This process goes on in the deep sea currents, waterfalls, deep water, geothermal steam venting into high pressure sea water-all over the world every day!

                A conventional steam engine also produces helium gas, gamma wave radiation and heat as it does molecular nuclear fusion.

                Where ever we smell ozone gas, molecular nuclear fusion is going on.  So in power transformers in the rain!  This area of science is so important for the future-and totally unstudied.

                Molecular nuclear fusion has been going off around the earth for 3.8 billion years.  Why has it never be studied?

                Read about it in my book

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Waterfall fusion by Jonathan M Thomason



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