Sunday, 10 February 2013

The NASA hoax

10 February 2013

                No liquid water has rolled on Mars for hundred million years.  There are daily sandstorms!  So all water rounded rocks were doing a braided and roughened 95,000,000 years ago.

                The curiosity rover found water smoothed rocks.  We are safe in concluding that the Curiosity rover is not on Mars.  The terrain suggests New Mexico.

                The sunset on Mars would be instantaneous!  As are their clouds in the air to smooth out the twilight!  The Curiosity rover has no were filmed asons storm.

                Which could be linked to also variations taken from the Earth.  The Apollo missions would have resulted in all the astronauts dying from radiation exposure before they reached the Moon.

                The Curiosity video footage is equally as impossible!  NASA there never talk about this!


Jonathan Thomason

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