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Turbines do nuclear fusion


3 February 2013

                All steam turbines in the world produces gamma wave radiation as it turns regular steam into helium and oxygen gases!  Which escapes as we condense the system steam into water.

                There is loads of energy here, but the frequency of the produced electromagnetic radiation is proportional to the density of the energy!  More low grade energy produces more lower frequency radiation.

                We would expect to see loads of infrared radiation from a steam turbine.  But we can expect gamma wave radiation from a nuclear process.  A conventional power station generates gamma wave radiation!  So we are seeing physical molecular nuclear fusion in action here!

                Which results in are staking out 10° C as useful work-the generated power.  But the steam heats up by 20° C!  Due to all the molecular nuclear fusion the turbulence in the steam the hall does.

                I circulated the answer to CO2 production by steam turbines in 2004.  Or engineers were too busy making money from manmade global warming until 2003, and then the equally biologically impossible man made climate change from 2004.

                Every scientist on earth realises that global photosynthesis metabolises carbon dioxide.  Some of them may not be aware that all fossil fuels formed at the end of the Jurassic age.  All science professors knew this from the age of Xi!

                In the Jurassic there was virtually no fossil fuels in the ground!  Land resurfacing would have vented all fossil fuels formed at the end of cretaceous.  So all the fossil fuels man is extracting now comes from the 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs.

                In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.  Photosynthesis was less evolved, so there was twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Air circulates, so all air from the cities is metabolised in the countryside within 5 minutes of emission.

                Our weather is made in the stratosphere.  Which still have is a preindustrial two parts per million carbon dioxide in.  Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas, and he is metabolised by plants to drives the whole of nature.  Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.

                As man burns the fossil fuels he increases life on earth.  Restoring the life that died at the end of the Jurassic.  He is not affecting the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Which has been static for last 230 years!  Since the little ice age ended.

                Then global carbon dioxide was at a preindustrial four parts per 1,000,000.  There were three natural ice ages.  180, 607 100,000,000 years ago-when carbon dioxide levels will have risen to eight parts per million.

                The 1000 year ice age that extended from the cretaceous well into the Permian, had 10 parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  A natural level of this gas!  As photosynthesis evolved CO2 fell to only 1ppm: and 90% of life on earth died.

                Nuclear power invented man made global warming!  With an utterly no data set for an increase of global carbon dioxide over the land and seas of the earth.  Photosynthesis there has limited free carbon dioxide to only two parts per million.

                They also knew no prehistory!  They are strikingly ignorant about all science-other than physics.  Academics who wrote papers on he that manmade global warming or climate change are similarly frighteningly ignorant of science!

                Are should have no position in education.  Carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages.  We can virtually removed carbon dioxide from power generation.

                And we start a turbine using steam plasma tubes as a heat source-they do molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why lightning strikes produce 2.5x1030 Watts of energy from a 1.5 kilometre steam plasma.

                The down strike uses ½ MW of power generated by the chaotic interaction of rain drops.  Which releases gamma wave radiation and produces helium and oxygen gases.

                When a steam plasma touches the ground all the energy flows back up the steam plasma!  And produces five tonnes of helium gas.  Plus emission of light and gamma wave radiation-both are only a produced by nuclear reactions.  We have regular water.  We have no enriched uranium or plutonium.

                The light flash tells scientist the world over that a lightning bolt is doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing inert helium, and 25% of the oxygen that is used to construct the ozone layer.


                The amount of molecular nuclear fusion a turbine does exponential with the pressure.  That is why Nimonic turbine blades have taken over from titanium.  It allows the turbine to operate at higher temperatures.

                But titanium is a face centred cubic metal.  Nickel alloys are body centred cubic.  Face Centred Cubic metals for weak bonds with hydrogen!  Which doubles the amount of molecular nuclear fusion A turbine does.

                The answer is simple!  We fought Nimonic turbine blades.  We then give the blades themselves a fake titanium plate!  So they can run the turbine at higher temperatures, still have the strength of the Nimonic but increase the level of molecular nuclear fusion the turbine does.

                In 2004 I suggested using A helical turbulence heat exchanger, to recover 85% of the system heat.  We run this as a Carnot cycle.  So we return the heat at higher temperature to the turbine hall and the super heat chamber.

                We boil off water, and then simply the steam.  As molecular nuclear fusion is exponentially linked to the steam pressure-and so temperature.

                A better idea might be to use ceramic turbine blades, supported with Nimonic rods.  So we avoided the weight shattering through thermal shock.

                We use TiO as the ceramic.  To again give us Face Centred Cubic interactions.  The exit steam has heated up by maybe 40° C.  Are Carnot cycle is only 85% efficient!  So requiring 24° C to self sustain.

                We get nearly double this heat from the molecular nuclear fusion in the turbine hall.  So once started the system self sustains-with no additional fossil fuel bound.

                We use steam plasma tubes-which should replace or flames of gas or oil today.  They are self sustain at four atmospheres, turning regular water into heat and light!

                The oxygen atoms bond with the neutrons produced by the chaotic interactions of hydrogen nuclei with free electrons:

P++e- ->n0

                        and O-+n0->2Be+2/3n0+2(E+γ)->4He+4/5n0+4(E+γ)->8H+8/10n0+8(E+γ)->16(E+γ)+16/20n0

                The steam turbine itself uses the turbulent interaction of steam molecules (with or without Face Centred Cubic metals) to do enough molecular nuclear fusion to make the process itself driving.

                The steam plasma tube can be used in place or flames of gas or oil-28 carbon dioxide to biology!  Already global photosynthesis strictly limits the level of this gas in the global air.

                Photosynthesis on land and in the seas drives biology.  Burning the fossil fuels restore was Jurassic Life back into modern form in the active environment.  Every scientist on earth realises that increasing the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air is beyond my arms ability.

                Manmade global warming and climate change were third rate fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power: surely the most toxic industry that will ever exist.

                Used fission rods can be render safe by immersing them into a bath through which we bubble steam.  Again using a Carnot system to recycle the heat to a hot heat rocks at the base of the water boiler.

                Boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion!


                Which is why PW R’s talk over from AG R’s.  They do more molecular nuclear fusion in the boiler room.  There date we are interested in his own production of neutrons.  These bond with 236Pt to produce the unstable 238Pt

                236Pt has ½ life of 87.7 years. 238Pt has one of only two days!  So by exposing used fission metal oxide fuel rods to bubbles of steam and then seeing as it passed through a water bath, we render nuclear waste safe within a week!  We do

Pu-238 + n0fission.  Producing atoms are safer elements such as lead.

                I strongly dislike nuclear fission-even though I have a master’s degree in engineering and metallurgy.  But we can render all nuclear waste safe.

                At the cost of ceasing to do nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium.  And use steam plasma tubes to do safe physical molecular nuclear fusion.

                The produced helium and oxygen end up fissioning away into heat and light.  The conversion of matter into energy is so positively exothermic!  The nuclear fusion we do is of no consequence!(sic).

                Steam plasma tubes do molecular nuclear fusion: as does every biological organism on earth.  Waterfalls and breaking waves also do molecular nuclear fusion.

                Which is why on any given day there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the global air.  Which is lost to space, and replaced the next day.

                There is only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air-which drives all biology.  And he is a level is totally limited by global photosynthesis.

                This science has known to every professor of engineering or physics on the planet!  They learned some fish and biology at high school-as did you.

                Mankind has no affect of photosynthesis!  Is carbon emissions have merely increased life on earth.  Not increased the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                I repeat: such levels have only risen historically in ice ages!  So it does not possibly cause global warming.  Or there never would have been an ice age!


Jonathan Thomason

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