Monday, 25 February 2013

Unexpectedly clean, safe, free nuclear fusion from water


25 February 2013

                Heavy rain storms produce gamma wave radiation, and turn regular water into helium oxygen gases, plus heat!  The collision of rain drops exceed the strong atomic force for hydrogen atoms in the water molecules, and we get hydrogen on hydrogen interactions forming helium.

                No source of nuclear fusion!  No enriched radioactive isotopes.  We have 1H2O with a faint trace of deuterium oxide.  No tritium oxide to speak off.

                This builds up the 5000 volts required for a lightening strike!  Here a partial steam plasma links up the electoral holes from the cloud tops to the ground.  Circulating the Alpha particles (He2+) with the negative charge is carried to the ground by the hydroxyl ions. (2xOH-)

                It is a totally safe Power System.  Releasing 2 the.5x1030 Watts of heat, as it makes five tonnes of helium gas!  Of which there is no chemical source.

                Every person on earth has witnessed nature doing molecular nuclear fusion.  This emon system goes on at waterfalls, in green plants in light, and in your own beating hearts.

                No enriched radioactive fuel is required.  It produces inert helium, and ¼ oxygen you breathe.  It fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth!

                Without molecular nuclear fusion there would be no life on earth.  Steam, IC and jet engines all release gamma wave radiation and produce helium gas, as they do molecular nuclear fusion from combustion products!

                This steam in turbulent flow!  The organic carbon is a fusion facilitator.


Jonathan Thomason

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