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Carbon is not the climate!

28 April 2014
                Nuclear power hypothesised by carbon dioxide caused global warming in 1986.  Displaying a breathtaking ignorance of basic high school biology!
                In a warm period plants converts extra carbon dioxide into extra active biology.  Sucking the gas from the air!  The air in the modern epoch global average carbon dioxide is fixed at only two parts per million.  And this is a level that the world weather systems see!
                As cities, the forest fires and volcanic eruptions are globally insignificant!  Every reporter at there was taught about photosynthesis in high school biology.
                Harvard University winter on record in New Scientist August 2010 that since industrial revolution crop yields had increased by 15%.  Free average carbon dioxide had not changed!
                I was doing a PH D into global warming in 2000.  This got ended 2001 I started talking about photosynthesis!  My supervisor argued with me the via e-mail until 2010.  They left his position!  I had won the argument!  Still no Ph D though.
                I note today that Time Magazineis still on about global warming.  The natural climate started cooling 1995.  Man made climate change is global warming fiction in a cooling world!  The lowest level of nuclear PR.
                No reporter could ever write articles ever again about manmade global warming and carbon dioxide.  It is tantamount to handing in your resignation at the newspaper or magazine they work for.
                In the modern epoch carbon dioxide has been limited at only two parts per million.  Extra carbon dioxide being converted the same day into extra active biology.
                In the little ice age there was less photosynthesis.  And carbon dioxide spiked at four parts per million: twice the static level today!  Obviously carbon dioxide reacts to the weather-it does not make the weather!
                Lets go back to the Jurassic age.  Photosynthesis was less evolved.  There was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  Things were warmer generally!  But sea levels were 60 metres lower.  And there was 65 more active life on earth.  A massively fewer fossil fuels.
                Warmer!  Interesting.  Except during the three natural ice ages.  They carbon dioxide levels rose to eight parts per million.  Four times today’s present trace level.  And an ice age!
                The let’s go back to the end of cretaceous into the Permian.  There was 1000 year ice age.  The carbon dioxide at 10 parts per million: five times today’s levels!  The most serious glaciation in
  earth history.
                Have you never wondered why nuclear power started pushing global warming after Chernobyl?  He realised to get new plants it had to be ‘green’.  So it stupidly and fact the gas which supports all life on earth.
                Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.  Any person invoking ‘global warming’ is showing an untreated mental health problems.  Or a serious deficiency in high school education.
                In 2001 I started talking to Sheffield University about the river of water that circles the planet.  Condensate the molten core into the mantel.
                It dissolves all the heavy metals from the core material!  Gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron will also lead and arsenic.  In places this water is only 10 metres below the surface of the earth.
                We use ground sonar to locate a mantel pocket of superheated water, from the river of geothermal water that is a source of all Rivers on earth.
                So all the gold is carried to the surface!  It is laborious and expensive to recover.  10 metres down to the water carriers a limit saturation of gold metal.
                We drill down to this water.  We pass it through a ruggedizedDyson dry cleaner.  That uses two opposing helical flows to remove house dust from the air!  So removes heavy metal powder from the steam-after we have given the geothermal water a small vent.
                We sell the metal powder on to process into ingots.  Just so much gold!  Within two years it will cease to have any value.  We’ll stop burying it again in disused mine workings.  Just to get the the the stuff!
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine.  We condense the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  Which consumers 2% of the geothermal power on start up!  Then falling to only 0.5%.
                We pump the water to local river.  Return the heat to the inlet steam.  Which we can no heat up to 700° C!  The Carnot heatpump these is 15 per cent of the system and energy.  But the geothermal water is a limitless source of heat.
                With no fossil fuel bound!  No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  So we get unlimited
free electricity.  With gold, platinum, silver, copper –you get the idea!
                The world needs 10,000 such plants.  To supply all the electricity mankind uses.  The earth is so huge!  Nature will not even notice.
                This energy usually drives volcanoes and earthquakes.  Unfortunately the level of earth events will continue as today!
                If we drill down to mantle pockets below an active volcano, we can render that volcanoes dormant.  As you get them is gold and free electricity!
                If we drill down to the tectonic boundary below California, we can stop the next big one!  While we get unlimited gold and electricity: you get the idea yet?
                No fossil fuel bound.  No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  We tap into free unlimited Earth Power!  In the end the heat is created by the radioactive processes in the air was core.
                Away from man.  They are every second of the year whether mankind uses the heat or not!  So heat drives volcanoes, earthquakes and heats up deep sea water.
                The deep see tides distribute the heat of the planet!  They call down the heartlands, and wore the cold lands!
                We can use a Carnot heat pump here.  To far more heat from hotter into the seas.  The air sinks Carnot heat pump as it cools!  Driving a turbine.  Which powers the heat pump.  So once started the system runs for free.  Cooling the heartlands!
                At the cold ones we invert the system!  Sucking heat from the seas are putting it in the air!  Now we get rising air-that again drives the captive turbine.  That was started will drive the pumps for free.
                So we cool the air the hot lands.  And warm the cold lands.  Geothermal mining will produce the about gold and free electricity.  An utterly no excuse to allow hyper toxic nuclear fission to exist anywhere!
                Is has already produce massive piles of radioactive waste.  Which will remain they fall for 100,000 years.  Our great27 grandchildren will still be paying for the folly of the 28th century!  Nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                Every day since industrial revolution man has released an additional 0.0004% carbon dioxide into the air.  He has increased the lead of organic carbon him the environment by 15%.  There is still an additional 15% organic carbon in the fossil fuels.
                At which stage they are back to the way life forms in the Jurassic!  The earth’s golden..  Every day plants grow, until global carbon dioxide levels fall to only two parts per million!
                Mankind’s engine’s extend the working day of photosynthesis by 10 seconds!  Spread over the globe during daylight hours.  The earth is utterly huge.  Is has not even noticed mankind has evolved.
                The only globally insignificant technology of mankind’s is toxic nuclear power!  Burning of fossil fuels just serves to increase of life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it!
                They can be no 400 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  Every afternoon photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.  No more!
                Gardener is desperately tried to increase plant growth, by keeping rodents in a greenhouse!  To breathe in the oxygen plants excrete, and breathe out carbon dioxide themselves.
                This stimulates plant growth.  In exactly the same way man can is chemical engines increase the biomass around the earth.

                More plants lead to more animals!  More nuclear power leads to less of both!  Nature controls the carbon dioxide level.  Man has utterly no control over the carbon cycle!  Only idiots will believe otherwise!
Jonathan Thomason

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