Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Diabetes delay

29 April 2014
                There is a difference between Type 1&2 diabetes.  Both are caused by a viral rump in the pancreas.
                Type 2 remits the instant the viral rump is cleared!  It turns off insulin secretion.  When the rump is gone the insulin system returns to normal.
                Type 1 makes the antisense to insulin.  Even when the rump is clears, the diabetes continues for three days: Be patient!
                In three days the diabetes will be gone!  Use the ultrasound device on your friends and family for diabetes.  Don’t throw away the device in frustration.
                Wait three days!  I always recommend reapplication twice at two day intervals.  Diabetes can be cures!  Or medication can then be discontinued.
                Any GP not discounting your medication gets struck up according to the Hippocratic oath!  They are not allowed to medicate the well.

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