Monday, 28 April 2014

Increasing train speed

28 April 2014
                A major part of the friction Watts of regular trains, is a fraction mass from the wheels contacting the rails.  Now carbon fibre is both lighter and stronger than steel.
                I have an idea of friction between carbon and steel is lower than carbon on carbon!  So we replace the rolling stock carbon fibre composites.
                We also meant small hydroplanes on each carriage.  And we have robotic sensers.  So out of town, when there is no oncoming train traffic the air all falls from down, and here is carried left!
                So reducing the weight applied to each rail.  In this way the rolling resistance of the trains will be reduced by 20%.
                Though obviously in town below a super 8% decrease infection losses.  They are fussing in France a better term percent reduction infection!  We can double their at a stroke!
                Using technology fully devised 20 years ago .  We do not burn fossil fuels to generate steam!  To drive the train.
                We utilised steam plasma tubes, which were generate 6 MW per metre!  From regular water.  No carbon emissions at all!  We run a small captive steam cycle.  Where the heat is applied by our lightning tubes.
                In a steam plasma most important reaction is a fusing of hydrogen ions and free electrons, to form neutrons.
1                     H++e- ->n0
These then bond with the heavier nuclei, to create radioactive isotopes!  Which fission into smaller atomic numbers.  We need to do the experiments and see what actually happens!  Here is my first guess
                2              16O2-+n0->18O2- ->2 4Be2+4e-+4n0 ->4 6He2++2e-+4n0->8 3H+->E+12n0
It is all a bit complicated!  We enrich the oxygen, which fissions into beryllium, helium and hydrogen in turn.  The final fissioning streets are loads of surplus neutrons.
Is this as exothermic as a high Jim plasma?  The chemical equations are certainly harder!  In the air and we should liberate the same power,
And water is a lot simpler to store and is turns into the plasma.  This will totally replace the burning of natural gas or Oil.  Which is a very defective play to do the nuclear fission of hydrogen.
This is a most exothermic reaction in the universe!  Diesel engines are far inferior Energy System.  We can do the electrolysis of water, to provide a constant stream of hydrogen ions!  Discharging the oxygen to the air!

This will replace all burning of petrol or diesel.  And it really is that simple!

Jonathan Thomason

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