Monday, 28 April 2014

Unlimited wealth

28 April 2014
                This idea gives us access to limitless gold, platinum and there were heavy metals plus limitless electricity.  One 50 cm thick bore hole will happily drive and five and a megawatt power station continuously.  With no fossil fuel bound!  An utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                Water from the reverse and seas of the world percolates down onto the earth’s mantle!  Where dissolves heavy metals like gold.  The mantle is like the skin on rice pudding, or time sinking it redissolves.
                Only to be replaced by new core material.  And the earth’s core contains lava and heavy metals.  411 million tonnes of gold alone.  Mankind’s mining has only yielded 200,000 tonnes of gold in recorded history.  0.05% of the gold in the eath’s core.
                Every day the geothermal river around the world dissolves heavy metals.  Which is soluble in higher pressure and temperature water.  Even gold is soluble!
                So the river of geothermal water carriers a limit saturation of gold.  Where it finds its way out to the surface mostly cold precipitates out as the water pressure drops.  But some emerges in the river source.
                This is why panning for gold works!
                We use ground sonar to attract a river source back to 10 metres below the surface.  Then we locate a liquid filled magma chamber.
                We drill down direct to the water.  Then we extract the drilling rates.  Be warned the water will be at 8.4 atmospheres pressure.  We then pushed down a hole liner.  The end of which has a large holes cut into it.
                We then get an endless stream of superheated water at 250° C 8.4 atmospheres.  We give a small vent to 8.2 atmospheres.
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  Which extracts all the heavy metal powder from a steam.  40% of this will be gold!  20% platinum.
                We sell them powder on to process into ingots.  50 tonnes per hole.  And we want a 10,000 such geothermal mines, to supply all the energy requirements of humanity.  All with no fossil fuel burn at all.  No carbon dioxide production.  But this gas supports all life on earth!  Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.
                As they metabolise carbon dioxide!  Man made climate change is total fiction by the stooges to nuclear power.  Designed to terrify the stupid or mentally deficient., About the work in universities!  I say nothing!
                We pass the clean steam into a steam turbine, and generate free electricity.  We take our 2% of the energy to drive a Carnot heatpump.
                We condense the exit steam on the cold end of the heap pump.  By the pressurise the gas we lose the same heat at 700° C.  So quadrupling the power output of the power station!
                We pump the pure cold water back to a local river source.  So we do not disturb nature.  And the middle of the deserts we exit the water into new manmade oases.
                So we get unlimited free electricity.  With more gold than we know what to do with.  As groups around the world year rump, the price of gold will continue to crash.  Two years ago he was out 1600 UK pounds an per Krugerrand.
                On Monday krugerrands were at 720.  In two years they’ll be below £5.00 a coin.  And there was power be used as currency.  As I will have less value than the copper nickel alloy we years for loose change today.
                We will probably end up varying the gold in disused mine workings.  It will be that valueless!
                The energy will always have a Highe demand.  Geothermal mining will produce the electricity for only 2% of the price of mains power today.  Nobody will ever burn fossil fuels again!

Jonathan Thomason

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