Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Antibodies to everything

22 July 2014
                The body waits for a new structure to start doing damage!  This allows life childbirth-with a growing embryo is half the genome from the father.
                Substative cell damage is taken to mean other cells it is not wanted!  It is an invading organism.  This gives the pathogen a three day advantage before the immune system kicks in.  All infections out there do no cell damage for three days!
                Then the immune system activates IL-1 into two lots of the active IL-1+ (interleukin one).  This makes IL-2…21  they keep finding new interleukins.  This was right 2010.
                IL-4 makes the specific human antibody to new structures in the body.  IL-2 causes the immune system to action it!
                That is in the undergraduates immunology textbooks.  Which means we can make the antibody to any new structure!
                IL-4 will make the antibody to HIV, clamidia, SARs, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  On its own he antibody is dropped into the blood and never actioned.
                If we are also give IL-2, it is transported by the T cells and loaded on the macrophages!  And then activitied.
                If we produce pills of these antibodies, there action automatically!  As you take a high dose of the antibody.  This is why fungal antibiotics cure human disease.
                They activate the antibody system, that makes and actions the specific human antibody.  He the antibiotic, antiviral, or anticin.  This getting better from an infection!  The final antibiotic does nothing directly.
                So you can easily produce the human antibody pills to HIV.  One course of these tablets should clear HIV!  Certainly three courses will.
                We can also produce the antibody pills to cancers!  Also to heart disease and diabetes.
                Taking these pills will prevent like childbirth while you are taking them.  So it is not the trivial undertaking!  But we get to cure her HIV and clamidia.

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