Sunday, 20 July 2014

Apollo impossible

20 July 2014
                Outer space beyond the earth’s magnetic field the radiation from the sun is equivalent to a lower power nuclear core!  The earth’s magnetism defects radiation, except at the poles!  Where there is little life to damage.
                A journey to the Moon would involve travel outside the protective magnetic field.  Giving you two days exposure to solar radiation.  You would arrive at the Moon we are serious radiation poisoning!
                Vomiting with diarrhea!  Certain death within the day.  The last thing you would want to do is land and light side or the Moon.  Which is exactly what the Apollo missions did!
                Subjecting the astronauts to three times the radiation required to kill you!  Here’s interesting!  Not one reported destruction to their vision.  The astronauts on the space shuttle (which lies within the magnetic field) all do!
                Not one displayed radiation sickness.  They displayed withdrawal from the psychoactive drugs which are meant to block the radiation.
                That Chernobyl the Russians asked for his magic pills.  Which Nasser had in 1969.  So personally!  They don’t have then even today.
                They would have given the astronauts up area 51 the feeling of floating!  The weightless video could have been cut together from images taken on the vomit comet.
                The Apollo footage never had astronauts floating in the ceiling and the floor.  Some of the footage taken thousands of miles apart for the same backdrop!  Without any stars.
                But the really big argument is a lack of radiation sickness the astronauts had.  When every one them had received three times the fatal dose of radiation.
                So medicine were beginning to question this by Apollo 14.  So the Apollo programme was halted.  And ever since no man has ever left the protective magnetic field.  If America or had done suddenly that clever, they would never have stopped.
                It was the ultimate technological edge.  Totally abandoned.  Now the Japanese are developing telescopes which can image the lunar surface down to 4 inches.
                Every are Apollo missions supposed landing sites should be strewn with foot marks and debry.  Hubble has been able to image the Moon since 2001 when I saw Discovery launch to repair the Hubble mirror.
                The NASA personnel who orchestrated the biggest events in history are all now retired or dead!  A new generation was a Mar’s shot.  But the radiation problem has never be solved.
                According to my contact at the NI H the survival time for no astronaut in outer space is two days!  He takes three to go to the Moon.  Two months together 2 miles!  Minimum.
                The certain and agonising death!

Jonathan Thomason

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