Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Best medicine

15 July 2014
                Thinking of molecular nuclear fusion was very important!  The idea actually came from three professors of Chemical Engineering.  I do so tried to promote the idea!
                They came up with ‘nuclear fusion in molecular systems’.  I came up with ‘molecular fusion’.  Which the labour so argent change to ‘molecular nuclear fusion’.
                The sea which he impressed Bernard Argent most was ‘the failure of nuclear power to ecosphere decommissioning costs’ J. Thomason 1983.  Written for a Systems Engineering project.
                I did the failure of nuclear power!  The massive cost overrun are decommissioning Sellafield nuclear plant demonstrated as exactly on the money!  It took me six months to devise the essay.  And 80 hours in Salford university library.
                Molecular nuclear fusion will transform our Energy Systems in the future.  It demonstrates how nature on earth taps into a nervous energy source.  From natural water!
                Prof Argent got me back to Sheffield on a PH D (with help from Dr. Matt singer).  When I return to Sheffield he was not a well man.  Today he I could have helped him!  But not then.
                I have dedicated my book on Molecular Nuclear Fusion to William MacFalane.  The father of carbon formed from my degree.  The MD of NEI in 1983.  I learned so much while wandering around a steam turbine!  Vertically about the release of nuclear radiation.
                During my degree I worked on ultrasound for Inco.  That taught me a lot about the hazards of ultrasound.  Primarily the body tissues were are damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.
                Professor fossil told me that all cancers, both viral and bacterial infections are over excrete endothelial growth factor.  To produce overinflated cell structures.
                Medics have used the emission of nuclear radiation by cancer (and pathogens) since the 1950s to detect them.
1              H2O+US->He+E2+O+X ray
                There is no chemical source of helium and X rays.  There is also no other source of helium and free radical oxygen in cell biology.
                I always thought they cancer cells experience cell content boiling!  The production of these gases we also contribute towards the cell fragmentation.
                Ultrasound above 90 W causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes plus viral and bacterial cells to fragment.  The three major diseases of age share six enzymes with infectious disease: my thanks here to Dr. MatZinger.
                There are many descriptions of High Intensity UltraSound, at present I use 5 W 1 MHZ.  The application of molecular nuclear fusion to medicine is the biggest medical advance ever.
                It allows us to selectively clear cancer and the rest!  While leaving the bulk of an organ undamaged.  The small amount of cell damage happens due to explosive fragmentation of the cancer cells.
                Which induces an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.  No medic has ever argued that HIUS cures cancer!  Primarily as it was medically published by the Moffitt cancer centre 2002.
                Medics also published the cure of coronary heart disease using high as 2012-after I have been publicised the idea for four years.  It also clears all types of diabetes.
                This is without doubt a massively important application of molecular nuclear fusion.  Already so doctors have promised faithfully in the Hippocratic oath to use the best medicine!
                A one appointment total cure is so obviously better than an expensive agonising death!  So biochemical treatments are prohibited medicine!  Any prescribing Dr. Is the daily sun cells from medical registers around the world.
                The GMC and AMA are legally committed to direct doctors to abandon biochemistry!  HIUS also cures all infections!

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