Saturday, 19 July 2014

Clearing coronary heart disease

19 July 2014
                This disease is characterised by a bacterial plaques around the coronary arteries all the kidneys.  They have made a signal enzyme, that raises blood pressure for no reason!
                Medics demonstrated 2012 that High Intensity UltraSound causes such bodies in primary and secondary coronary heart disease to fragment: clearing the disease!
                A suitable HIUS the device is an ultrasound massage device bought over the Internet.  Which is medically licensed for unsupervised human years.  Search for ‘1 MHz 5 Wultrasound massage device cheapest’.
                Ignore the first few entries, and you can get a working device for under 30 UK pounds.  Last month they were only 20 UK pounds!  But then a lot of people bought one.
                Apply it to the top left the chest and the kidneys for ½ minute he each location, the bacterial plaque is clears!  Totally removing even early stage coronary heart disease.
                I have never seen a medical document giving benefits of staff teams too early coronary heart disease patients.  My friend Carl conclusively demonstrated that is fully tolerated drugs don’t even stop heart attacks in developed coronary heart disease.
                They are cholesterol blockers!  There is no reason to suppose that raised cholesterol is the only coals for coronary heart disease.  The bacterial plaques have no affect on cholesterol levels.  But the coals coronary heart disease.
                So an ultrasound massage device totally clears coronary heart disease in 1½ minute.  We are not talking about expensive treatment!  We are talking about a one session cure.
                Once you have the device, Harvar for a minute to the chest, throat and nose will cure all infections for your family and friends.  Eliminating the need ever to see a GP.
                The NHS runs hospitals.  It employs doctors!  It does not give them a medical advice.  Only the GMC he can do this.
                Failure to advise G P’s to use HIUS to clear coronary heart disease will result in Health Centres experiencing a legal fine of 10,000,000 pounds and 10 years’ jail time for each avoidable death staff teams have caused.
                The fine to be shared with the drug company: you already know about the efficacy of HIUS use cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  GP surgery is already have a more robust HIUS device.  To clear limb damage!
                Physiotherapists have spent 25 years writing papers on this subject.  The Moffitt cancer centre published a one appointment total cure to cancer 2002.  A 100 patient double blind trial!  It works for all cancers-which share A non native inflated cell structure.
                Heart disease plaques share of the same inflated nature, in order to grow and make the disease develop.  Clearing coronary heart disease graph

Jonathan Thomason

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