Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Clearing diseases

30 July 2014
Dr Simon:            I can see why High Intensity Ultrasound would have any affect
Brian:    you are familiar with low power ultrasound showing cancers up on low power ultrasound?
Si:           hospital ultrasound is (consults notes) 5 W.  Medics and hospitals have uses since the 1970s.
Br:          here ‘show up’ knew causes the cancer the emit X rays!
Si:           I had done for that one through but I suppose so!
Br:          there is no chemical source of X rays.  The pressurise cancer cells actually turns water molecules into helium and oxygen gases-plus heat and X rays.
Si:           hydrogen into helium?  We are talking nuclear fusion!
Br:          the pressurised cell turns the ultrasound and water into helium, oxygen and X rays!  Molecular nuclear fusion.
Si:           I am not a physicist!  I hadn’t realized.  But heart disease and diabetes also show up under ultrasound scans.
Br:          HIUS clears cancers, heart disease and diabetes in only 30 seconds.
Si:           I was reading a medical documents about HIUS applied externally to the coronary arteries and kidneys clearing heart disease!
Br:          indeed!  Heat causes the bacterial plaque to pop!  Launching an immune action to clear that structure throughout the body.  In diabetes the viral structure also pops!  As it is over inflated.
Si:           and does molecular nuclear fusion in response to the ultrasound?  But aren’t body cells affected?
Br:          luckily not.  The more flacid body cells are only warmed by 16° C.  The only body cells are damaged our those immediately next to the pressurise cells!  This causes the immune action there clears the they are dangerous cell type throughout the body.
Si:           so no biochemistry?
Br:          indeed.
Si:           so how all the doctors going to make any money?
Br:          first of all, they clear all cancers, heart disease, diabetes from the population.
Si:           any other infections?
Br:          all infections!  Including asthma, arthritis and IBS.  That is how you make your money.
Si:           from asthma?  All that drug company is are gearing up for asthma drugs.
Br:          totally clearable by 30 seconds of HIUS to the chest.  No by clearing infection.  Both viral and bacterial.
                                All infections have the same pressurised cell structure.  In order to divide and grow in the human body.  All pump in response to HIUS.  Clearing the infection.  And stopping the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Si:           so HIUS.  The demand of all cancers?  And the rest.
Br:          that’s right!  And every person alive cannot use three infections a year.  Even as the cure infections, people will still catch the common cold twice a year!  And the we use some people who will never allow us to use HIUS jonthm.
Si:           preferring to die instead!  That people!  They do whatever they wish, even if it kills them.
Br:          so there are 10 billion people alive.  30 HIUS sessions a year!  And charge 2 dollars a time!  All the people can spend $30.00 an ultrasound massage device, which will break in two years.  So it is probably best to using the doctors device.
                                5 W 1 MHZ seems to be a good variety of HIUS!  Though doctors are already own a £ MHZ 8 W device-which is used by physiotherapists to clear limb damage.  It is HIUS.
Si:           so we already own the device!
Br:          yes!  Hell centres already own a robust HIUS device.  And it is about to give so much work!  No need for any fatal Bio chemistry.  You earn more by applying ultrasound than prescribing fatal Bio chemistry.
Si:           the drug companies will not get much work!
Br:          they won’t get any work.  But no register Dr. Is allowed to prescribe defective medicine.
Si:           the vast bulk of biochemistry is us prohibited!
Br:          indeed!  Bowle income for remaining doctors, who are not being struck off, will increase.
Si:           so now I know this, I have to start using a physiotherapist machine-and cure all my patients.
Br:          and your get thousands of patients fall-until miles around your surgery building.  You are going to make so much money!

Jonathan Thomason

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