Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Clearing Ebola

30 July 2014
                Is amazingly easy!  If we give a patient with this virus an immune drip of interleukin two and four their own immune systems will make and action the specific human antibody to the virus.
                This is the idea I have been telling the world about them regard to HIV says 2008!  It works for all viruses and bacteria.  Is also works for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  It will cure any disease!
                To divide and grow the Ebola virus needs an inflated cell structure!  To induce body cells to divide.  Body cells are made at the stem cells, and abduct into position.  So they are never overinflated.
                Medics at the Moffitt cancer centre medically published the cure to cancer in 2002: they are applying High Intensity UltraSound two a hard body cancer.  The inflated structure heated up until the fragmenting explosively!  As the cell contents boiled.  Body cells are only warmed by 16° C.
                Are many descriptions of HIUS:
150 Watts 40 kHz ultrasound applied externally from an ultrasound massage device.
Physiotherapists prefer 3 MHZ >1.5 W.
I prefer 5 W 1 MHz.  Again applied for an ultrasonic massage device bought from Ebay
                Such devices cost under 20 UK pounds!  The Moffitt wants $10,000 for a HIUS device.  Today he they are researching the less he affective high intensity focused ultrasound.
                As they realized they were totally uneconomic with HIUS devices.  This will clear any viral or bacterial infection from the body.
                Even a one like Ebola, that does not initiate an immune response.
                The HIUS applied to the major arteries in the legs, causes viral cells to explosively fragment.  Releasing heat shock protein.  As creates a full immune action.
                The B cells in the words make IL-2…21.  This includes my IL-2&4.  The immune system then makes and actions the specific antibody to clear Ebola from the body!
                We can take blood samples, and get out the human antibody to the Ebola.  We then use reverse transcriptase, to get at the RNA to this enzyme.  We then spliced this on to a harmless bacteria, and brew up vats of this antibody.
                This is how the drug companies make antibiotic pills.  We no produced pills of the antibody to Ebola.  Which will cure other people of this infection.
                We can use this trick to make the antibody pills to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, iBS and mental health problems.
                Mental health problems are the result of an inflated viral structure left behind in the brain after a full viral infection.
                30 seconds of HIUS to each side or the head, he my personal experience, clears Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, depression and schizophrenia…
                HIUS is the biggest medical department ever!  Far more important than fungal antibiotics.  HIUS will clear all infections!  Antibiotic tolerance has no significance.  HIUS will clear all infections!
                Including the Ebola.
Jonathan Thomason

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