Sunday, 27 July 2014

Clearing heart problems

27 July 2014
                I have talked about my friend Charles before.  He is a state registered nurse working for the MHS.  2004 he had a heart attack.  He was put on statins, ace inhibitors and beta blockers: beta blockers interfere with the division of bacterial structures.
                Six months later he had a second heart attack.  I received a 150 Watts 40 kHz massage device through the post.  He was persuaded to let me try ultrasound applied to his heart.  This was eight years before medics published articles on High Intensity UltraSound clearing heart disease.
                I was just chatting to his father in law about my success in clearing Altzimer’s using HIUS. ‘doesn’t work!  No effect at all’ he argues.  Charles would have been dead four years ago with emit my application of ultrasound.
                He has been taken off all heart medication by local HS hospital.  In exactly the same way that Jeff has there been taken off all medication for schizophrenia he no longer has.
                Charles was about to argue. ‘without HIUS you were dead’ I reminded him.  He went inside. ‘do you have the device?’ asked his mother in law.
                ‘yes I do’ I replied. ‘but look it up on the Internet, and a your own device’. ‘applied to the chest, throat and nose it will cure all infections’ I elaborated. ‘than will stop Cancer, heart disease and diabetes’
                So Charles realises years is life to HIUS.  But wants to do his damnedest to stop other people getting the same benefit.
Jonathan Thomason

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