Saturday, 12 July 2014

Clearing HIV

12 July 2014
                HIV may see antibodies to itself-at very low levels.  This desensitise is the immune system to HIV, and a sure as the immune system does not clear the virus when a person has another illness.
                Is also makes enzymes to denuded the immune system of vitality.
                I had a friend from America with HIV.  He tried to be below idea, and I have never heard back from him about the problems!  With the Internet world by tomorrow every heat every person on the Internet will have heard this idea.
                We can’t be the idea years by the Moffitt cancer centre to clear cancer 2002: this works for all 200 cancers out there.  Medics have not use the idea, as it makes no money for them.  The Hippocratic oath demands that they do.
                Otherwise they end up by charge of first degree murder by every patient they prescribed biochemical treatments to: who is now had died screaming in agony!
                We use an ultrasound massage device. 1 MHz 5 W works very well!  As is 150 W 40 kHz.  Or 8 W 3 MHZ.  The latter is favoured by physiotherapists to clear damage to limbs.
                All viruses have an overinflated cell nature.  Not shared body cells.  When we hit the High Intensity UltraSound above, the virus cell expenses cell content boiling, and fragments explosively.
                This applies to HIV, SARs, cancer and all viral and bacterial infections.  The exploding cells type stimulates production of the active antibody by the immune system.
                For HIV this means there no compromise B cells.  That also stimulates production of the T cells system.  The antibody is there loaded on the T cells, that them straight to the macrophages way it is actioned!
                So we no doubt there are four the immune response HIV-the virus is desperately tried to avoid.  It’s lower production of the antibody now only serves to boost the full immune system response.
                So HIV (and leukaemia) are cleared from the body!  By applying the ultrasound massage device for ½ minute to the major artery in each leg.  I recommend three times.
                Giving a drip of IL-2&4 will make an action the active antibody.  There are six common antibodies to all infections and cancer.  So a course of these antibody pills will clear cancer.
                But application of the ultrasound to the cancerous organ will coals the primary cancer cells to explode.  Producing a full immune action to clear that cell type throughout the body!
                There is also benefit in applying the HIUS to the liver, armpits and both sides of the head.  Any medical school or hospital could supply the interleukins (IL-2&4) to produce the human antibodies (to the pathogen base).
                Which would cure all infections and cancer.  This science was fully medically published 2002.  And ignored for financial reasons by the world’s doctors!  Who so obviously should not be involved in medicine.
                But have amassed a total jail time of above a millennia, for all the patients they have avoidable he killed.  My opinion!  Do let me know your thoughts!
Jonathan Thomason

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