Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Clearing schizophrenia

22 July 2014
                Like cancer, schizophrenia is characterised by white, hardened, non differentiated cells!  This time in the central nervous system.  And growing more slowly than cancer.
                To divide and grow such a viral rump must be overinflated!  I have an ultrasonic massage device in my health group; 150 W 40 kHz.  My friend Giant, has schizophrenia.
                I assured him such a device was medically licensed to be benign to body cells.  I applied it for ½ minute to each side of his head.
                The Moffitt cancer centre had demonstrated that High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancer in one appointment.  Since when no register Dr. Has used this medical advance!  Though they have all promised faithfully to use it in the Hippocratic oath.
                No over 50% of cancers are being cured, which suggests thousands of G P’s are using HIUS.  Every hospital has a high powered ultrasound applied for physiotherapists: 3 MHz > 1.5 W.  This year’s high us.  3 MHZ 8 W might be the most effective high us on the planet.
                I use one MHZ 5 W.  Manchester diocese has ancer eit not to cure people.  I was using my ultrasound device to cure cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  The Manchester churches are scared that somebody might sue!
                If they are not cured for free are supposedly incurable diseases!  The Manchester churches would prefer the people die in screaming agony instead of maybe being cured!  People of the world: term Manchester diocese what you think of this behaviour!
                Jesus was killed by the Romans for curing for free.  Now the church wants to stop me curing for free!  No doubt they have somebody knocking together across to kill me up!  God, I hope not.
                My friend Giant got better!  After three months the NHS Hospital fully discharge them with no medication.
                This schizophrenia society has identified 20 enzymes that help schizophrenia form.  Presumably the same enzymes that help form MS, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia or depression.
                I have cured them all in my health group!  30 seconds of 1 MHz 5 W ultrasound to each side or the head.
                This interferes with no biochemistry!  Every registered mental health Dr. on earth has promised to investigate and publicised best medicine.  One application of high us clearing schizophrenia is so much better than a biochemical half existence!
                Doctors there no money through HIUS.  The Hippocratic oath demands application of best medicine-irrespective of finances.
                Every mental health Dr. in hospital has access to a physiotherapists HIUS device.  And has promised faithfully to investigate best medicine!  So they can clear all mental health problems from patients today!
                As I say, has happily clear mental health problems for free in a Manchester church!  Until the church got worried they could get sued, for somebody not being cures!  For free.  No scope for legal action.  Just massively improved lives!
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