Friday, 11 July 2014

Clearing Type 2 Diabetes

11 July 2014
                Is remarkably simple!  I have lost two non blood relatives to the condition.  I utilises a 1 MHz 5 W ultrasound massage device: which operates as a fantastically cheap High Intensity UltraSound device.
                When bought over the Internet for under 30 UK pounds, they can complete with a medical licence!  For unsupervised human use.
                Apply for ½ minute externally to any cancerous organ, it clears the cancer!  The Moffitt published hundred individual double blind trial in 2002, demonstrating A single appointment 100% effectiveness.
                But HIUS is a physical process!  It interferes with no biochemical treatment.  It either works or it doesn’t!  Every 20th person in the developed world will have such a device.  They are sold to a weight loss, and remove wrinkles and scarring!
                Coincidentally there removes the structures causing all 200 types of cancer out there!  Both types of diabetes and coronary heart disease!  In the latter: apply the HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.
                This renders biochemical treatments for three major diseases of age is defective medicine: totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath!  No register Dr. Can any more prescribe biochemistry.  And nobody else can!
                He each avoidable death since 2002 was only a fine of $10,000,000.  And 10 years in jail for each other medics involved.  No academic medic is a more permeated to teach biochemistry!  To do so warrants immediate striking off of the individual.
                So a HIUS either works-or it wouldn’t!  I have confirmed in my church health group a 100% effectiveness against cancer is, heart disease and raised blood pressure, and most types of diabetes.
                To offer weight loss surgery is to dispense defective medicine!  Totally prohibited by any register Dr..  ½ minute of HIUS ultrasound to the lower right of the rib cage clears all types of diabetes.
                No register Dr. Can any more prescribe biochemistry or surgery for diabetes.  I think even to propose doing so warrants deregisters fission other medics involved!

Jonathan Thomason

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