Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Climate change isn’t

30 July 2014
anything to do of carbon dioxide.  Life on earth expands as amount of circulating carbon dioxide increases.  All the fossil fuels were active life in prehistory!
                Harvard University has noted that crop yields have increased by 15% since industrial revolution.  As man releases an additional daily 0.0004% CO2 on average.  Which means there carbon dioxide levels are static in warm periods.
                Limited by the efficiency of global photosynthesis.  The only rise in natural ice age.  On the cretaceous for 1000 years into the Permian, carbon dioxide was at 10 parts per million.  And we had 1000 year ice age!  The most serious glaciation we know about.
                Modern photosynthesis in the present epoch has limited free carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.  The level since before industry.
                Only in the little ice age could carbon dioxide levels rise to four parts per million.  Throughout history carbon dioxide has only gone up in natural ice ages.  Is has no impact what so ever on the weather.
                Global warming was PR fiction by nuclear power.  The natural weather started cooling 1995: hence the change in PR to ‘man made climate change’.  It is such obvious fiction!  But nuclear power is prepared to fund a research which invokes ‘climate change’.
                A static trace gas affects nothing!  Anyone be who invokes ‘climate change’ is displaying a total lack of high school biology!  That’s right: high school biology teaches us that the average global carbon dioxide levels (those seen by the weather) fixed as a paltry 0.0002%.
                Additional carbon dioxide is converted into extra life on earth within 5 minutes.  Any person talking about ‘climate change’ as a paid nuclear stooge!
                The weather always changes.  Today it is cooling and getting wetter.  Carbon dioxide was meant to make the weather warmer.  And value today and sea levels were mean 30 metres higher!  Kent would have flooded 20 years ago.  As well as half of England.
                So to say ‘climate change’ is to say ‘God I am a stupid!’.

Jonathan Thomason

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