Wednesday, 16 July 2014

climate control

16 July 2014
                The first thing to realise is that global photosynthesis on land and seas of the earth limits free carbon dioxide in the air to a preindustrial two parts per million.  As man burns the fossil fuels, the environment gets that life back.
                Plants can enter the carbon dioxide from the air!  The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide.  In the Permian age photosynthesis had not yet evolved.  There was 10 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.
                So five times the trace of carbon dioxide.  And 1000 year ice age.
                By the Jurassic there was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more active life!  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages!
                Any individual pontificating about man made global warming is demonstrating a total ignorance of biology.  Man made climate change is nuclear speak for global warming in a cooling world.
                So the trace of carbon dioxide in the air is fixed every day by photosynthesis.  This game has a massive shock to physics!  Life limits free carbon dioxide.
                So now we have a naturally warming arctic, and calling equator!  The environment loves it!  There is more active life on earth.
                Really were like the equator to recall are still, and the Arctics warmer!  I told Sheffield University how in 2000.  They were trying to make the case cent for manmade global warming, though the environment had been cooling naturally since 1995.
                The eight professors no longer work for Sheffield University!  Hopefully they don’t working in education anywhere in the world.  They are not clever people!
                The equatorial sun hits the seas, and the warm ocean currents carry the heat back towards the poles!  Make the most of the earth habitable.  But we can improve on this natural system!
                We collect heat into a low pressure gas via an aluminium helix in the enclosed air.  The air ends up being called.  Will precipitate out loads of freshwater.
                We let the cool air exit at the base of includes centre, driving a captive turbine.  This generates loads of power!  We use a tiny fraction is power to drive pumps.  Which compress the gas.  We only is the same heat at higher temperature into the seas.
                We are talking 250° C!  So the see water boils off.  Into fresh rain.  The heat flows back naturally in the one currents, to was the Arctics.  Once started the system will generate excess of the electricity.  Which we can sell!
                The system sits there sucking heat from the warm air, and pressing into the seas.  Nature then carriers is to the poles.  It gives up its heat!  Becomes more dense and sinks.  And falls as its way back to the equator!
                We have increased the heat shuttle of the earth!  We make a lusher cooler equator.  We even produce a natural source of fresh water!  So a plant life is going to massively increased over what is now deserts.
                The temperate plants will become warmer!  Getting more equatorial heat.  Transported naturally in the seas!  Distributed by on the weather system.
                Life at the poles will massively increase!  Will only get growth during what he is now the spring.
                But we can erect a network of steam plasma tubes.  They convert regular water into light and UV radiation.  Replacing the missing sun light!
                So we get more warmth transported in the seas.  Have an artificial way to generate light.  In natural lightning bolt is a partial steam plasma!  Set up by heavy rain doing molecular nuclear fusion.
1                     H2O+O2+T->He2++O32-+E2+L
There is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the earth.  That releases in 3 seconds 2.5x1030 Watts of heat.  With associated light and helium!  There is no chemical source of anything above lower infrared light.
                We event generate low power X rays!  So nature have to doing nuclear fusion.  There is no source of nuclear fission!
                So a grid of plasma tubes can replace natural sunlight.  We only need utilised regular water.  And science was fully developed in the 1950s.
                We can make the Arctics lush and fertile!  Sucking in a yet more carbon dioxide: which is actually the scarce is commodity on the planet.
                We call down the hotlands.  And a warm the cool lands.  And re-establish the life that died in prehistory.  During the Jurassic there were massive natural deciduous forests over the south Pole.
                Which is then based on land-the sea levels were 60 metres lower.  With twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                We can massively increased the habitable land over the earth.  The Carnot heat pump into and out of the seas were fully developed in the 1930s.  It is the basis for all the air conditioning systems on earth.
                But we utilises the draft the cold or warm air to drive a turbine.  Solar system will power itself.  So clean heat naturally from the equator to the poles.  A better life for free.
                Nuclear power produces stratospheric Lee expensive and toxic electricity.  Burning fossil fuels is cheaper!  Utilising the heat cycle to generate free extra electricity suppliers your electricity for free!
                If we drill down to a liquid filled magma chamber around the earth, we get superheated water than 2.8 atmospheres 250° C.  Which has dissolved gold and platinum in.
                We used repair the metal dust, and use a steam to to generate free electricity.  We then condense the steam to impose source of free fresh water!  Or steam being removed as are sea water filters down through the sand and rocks of the earth.
                So free water with gold!  Five kilometres from where you are sat.  Somebody tell David Attenborough man made climate change is biological rubbish!  Third rate fiction from the diseased pens of nuclear stooges.  It is how he is not in the pay of nuclear power.

Jonathan Thomason

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