Monday, 7 July 2014

CO2 is Life on earth

7 July 2014
                I have just heard the most stupid concept ever!  I put down the basic O level biology concept that global photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide down to the minimum for the system to operate.
                That in the modern epoch is only two parts per million.  It converts the rest into active life!  Man’s burning of fossil fuels has added an extra 0.0004% active life to her every day.  Since the industrial revolution.
                My Ph D supervisor, a professor of Chemical Engineering gave up on this idea!  And stops all talk of global warming (and climate change).  Every day in free carbon dioxide is reduced to the same trace level in the global air.
                Basic high school biology!  This Americans said ‘the I don’t agreed by all those clever theories’ I then went on to talk about 13 ppm.  Photosynthesis is the basic life support system on earth!
                Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.  In the Jurassic the level was four parts per million.  There was 65% more active life on earth.  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages.
                I deleted his lunacy once I read that he thought photosynthesis was open to debate.  No more than gravity around the earth is!  It just is!
                Somebody should tell the guy, ‘if brains were dynamite there is no chance you need ever flow your hat off’.
                The guy must have serious serious untreated mental health problems!

Jonathan Thomason

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