Friday, 25 July 2014

Common gold free power

25 July 2014
                As I was taught on my metallurgy degree in 1983 gold is the fifth most abundant element on earth.  We only think it is scarce, as it is concentrated in the earth’s core.  HIU pressure and temperature water dissolves heavy metals including gold and platinum.
                As the pressure drops the metals precipitate out as ore deposits.  Yet some gold dust is carried to river sources.  It is very laborious to pan for these gold fragments.  A better idea is to drill down 10 metres into liquid filled magma chamber.
                We locate these by using ground sonar to trace the geothermal river back to an underground pocket fill the gold encrusted liquid water.  10 metres we get 100% of the dissolved gold.
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner: as groups around the world are already doing!  We sell the metal powder on to process into ingots.  Just be warned; we will get 40% gold!
                Soft, malleable and was everybody is producing gold ingots effectively valueless.  Ditto for platinum.  Though this metal does have some uses.  We also get silver, copper, iron…  The heavy metals!
                We then have limitless steam at 40° C 8.2 atmospheres.  Pretty much a ideal for driving a steam turbine.  To free is the most free electricity!  With no fossil fuel bound.  And definitely no hyper toxic fission waste.
                We do get uranium in tiny quantities.  But not enriched!  Suddenly burning fossil fuels looked massively overpriced!
                One ball hole will give us a massive excess to nature power.  All radioactive processes conducted in the earth’s core.  We just extract water heated on the core.  Safe and clean power.  We have unlimited gold and platinum!
                The earth’s core contains 411 million tonnes of gold.  Mankind’s mining has only ever got 200 thousand tonnes.
                As I said, gold has zero value!

Jonathan Thomason

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