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Doubling MPG

17 July 2014
                Burning petrol or diesel it does molecular nuclear fusion!  Below I will refer to petrol, by the applies equally to diesel.
1              Cm(H2O)n+r O2->mCO2+s(He+O3+E2+gwr)+t(H2O)
                The exact amount of nuclear fusion we do depends on the turbulence of the injected fuel.  We use a slit with a twist to impart maximum turbulence.
                We also titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine: this alone will double the amount of nuclear fusion me do, so increasing the power of the engine by 2½ fold.
                The last who is an easy modification to do the!  We give the engine and cylinder head a thick titanium plate.  We convert the carburettor to a lean burn.
                So we increase the power of the engine by 40%!  While reducing the fuel burn.  Modifying the injection nozzle requires a little machining.  And will cost about five UK pounds.
                This is all established engineering!  I was taught about titanium in 1982 at Sheffield University.  In what is now the Engineering Materials building.
                As back there in 2000.  And started talking about molecular nuclear fusion.  They ended my Ph D in a blind panic!  They were trying to confirm manmade global warming: the natural climate has been cooling for five years.
                The climate is an easy fix!  Using 18th century science.
                We have a pure gas.  CFC is a reasonable choice!  Nitrogen would work just as well.
                At low pressure we circulated in stainless steel helix in the sea or a large lake.  My thanks to Professor Zimmerman for this idea.
                We then use a small turbine to pressurise this gas.  And he is the heat to the air there travels up through a one metre cylinder.  In which we have another medium helix, third with a higher pressure gas.
                As the gas of leaves the sea it is at 10° C.  When we pressurise it we get half the volume of gas at 260° C.  This loses its heat to the air in the centre.  Which rises and drives a small turbine.
                This generates all the power we need to drive the small pump.  Which has an infective radius of three centimetres.  We generate power has affective radius of 60 centimetres.
                So we generate a massive excess of power!  We start the system while using an external source of power: like a mobile diesel generator.  Or even by a power from the national grid.
                Then all day and night it will generate 2 MW of free power.  While warming the air locally by over 200° C!  This will mix with the ambient air, so increasing local air temperature by 4° C.
                In hot countries we take the heat from the air and put it in the seas.  Usually such countries I am not short of power.  So compress the gas for a chain of 100 air coolers.
                Suddenly we are cooling the air locally by 15° C!  Along a beach or in a town centre.  We can use the idea where ever we have a large lake or access to the sea.
                The hot water flows back towards the poles, losing its heat to the local environment some way.  The air warmers call the see water down, which takes over as back to the equator!
                So we have increased the local sea currents.  And helium and out the temperature around the world.
                Global photosynthesis on land and seas has ensured that the global average trace of carbon dioxide in the air is at a preindustrial two parts per million.
                The fossil fuels have become active biology again!  Like they were in prehistory.  In the Jurassic there was twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more active biology.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                And lower three natural ice ages!  When carbon dioxide levels spiked at 8ppm.  In the Permian there was 1000 year ice age with free carbon dioxide at 10ppm.
                Then photosynthesis evolved.  The ice age ended.  Carbon dioxide levels crashed to a only half the present levels.  And 90% of life on earth died.
                Sea or two is the gas of life!  Exactly as high school biologist teaches.  Professors of physics who are prepared to write papers about man made climate change need to reset high school biology.
                And get the hell out of teaching nuclear fiction!

Nuclear fusion by waterfall! (Life Book 2) by Jonathan Thomason (29 Oct 2012)

Jonathan Thomason

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