Saturday, 12 July 2014

Einstein was wrong!

12 July 2014
                He postulated   s=(c)g    where s= the local speed of light c= universal speed of light ()g local gravitational field
                But in 1984 I was taught s=(c)p   where p= permeate energy of free space
                p= the cumulative influence of gravity, magnetic and electric fields on events.
                At the helipause of radiant cells there is a band of higher radiation!  As confirmed as Viking left the solar system.  This is the zone in which antimatter and matter annihilate.
                Out there we have hydrogen(+H) energy hydrogen(-H).  The interaction of free electro magnetic radiation (light) created trace of closed loop radiation (+H).
                So the area around radiant star is continuously producing hydrogen gas.  Just not very much!  The antimatter he is driven back by the light!
                When the sun has burned all its matter into iron and above it ceases to radiate light.  It contracts have into a very dense regions of gravity.  Still rotating!  Very fast.  Just like a line skaters spin as fast as they pull their arms in.
                Now we get the hell for an antimatter.  Which bonds with the matter, and these to seven matter annihilation.  The summit gets to be a spinning X rays source.
                And around the universe we see objects is a very dense regions of gravity, spin and emit X rays.  We erroneously call them black holes.
                They are actually brown giants!  That is ceased to radiate visible radiation.  As a antimatter permeates the sun, it swells!  Until suddenly it explodes!  It goes nova.
                Now we have the massive injection of matter and antimatter!  That radiates truly massive amounts of light.  There is a constant rate of members in the universe!  It is the death of a star.
                Over time the free hydrogen bonds to form a new star.  The antimatter forms are applying interstellar mist.  We do get low levels of man T antimatter annihilation.  This is why says creates so much radiation.  Away from radiant stars.
                This is why we see cancer rays are travelling at slightly above the clearance and speed of light.  When we radiate light from an object strolling near the speed of light, we end up with light travelling faster than speed of light.
                You actually has a local speed of light much faster than we see.  So a local relativity permeates the particle to exceed the speed of light.  When we observe it, the locals be dimer time collapses.
                So we have made to me it’s speed, when its local time is faster than ours.  Einstein would see no contradiction on the local speed exceeding the universal speed of light.
                So interstellar space is filled with a fine mist of anti hydrogen.  As light travels through this, he gets a slight red shift!
2              Rs=k d   Rs= red shift k= a constant d= distance travelled
                So the further we look into space the more red shift light has.  This is exactly what we see!  If the big bang had happened, the red shift would tail off.  And displaying asymetry.  It is infinitely unlikely that we would be at the exact centre of the universe.
                Einstein never believed in a Big Bang!  Now the Big Bang is a great proof of his ideas.  Now with space telescopes we are seeing that supposed black holes have dimensions and spin.
                Something with no dimensions cannot spin.  So quasars are potent X ray sources.  That one day he will go nova!  All black holes have dimensions.
                The rate of expansion on exploding universe would tail off after 14 billion years.  Not be speeding up!  The red shift of light is due to the affect of the interstellar antimatter giving light a slight red shift.
                It is not due to expanding universe!  That is a crazy 19th century dopler concept.  Without an expanding universe, the whole of modern astronomy is invalid!
                Thanks to Stephen Hawkins, who first noted that the light emitted by a black hole most exactly balance the infall of matter: otherwise the conservation of energy and mass does not apply.
                He still believes black holes could exist!  There they were the boiled away in the first 100,000,000 years of their existence.  I repeat, the observed ‘black holes’ have spin and emit X rays.
                X rays move at the speed of light!  The or just another form of light.  So if light cannot escape a black hole, neither could X rays!
                Black holes break every physical laws of existence in this universe.  But still apparently rational scientist believe they could exist!  They are impossible mathematical constructs.
                The universe is not expanding!  The red shift is a product of the interstellar antimatter.  Which means there never was a black hole.
                So we are back to the steady state theory.  Where matter is continuously being created!  By the combination of light waves in outer space.
                So every Ph D awarded for work and black holes is intellectually unsustainable fiction.  And must be revoked!  All money is being returned to the students.

Jonathan Thomason

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