Saturday, 12 July 2014

Every hospital can cure cancer today!

12 July 2014
                They already own the medically approved equipment to clear limb damage!  Physiotherapists have settled on 3 MHZ 8 W ultrasound equipment.  This is excellent for clearing damaged cells from the limbs of the body.
                The counts as High Intensity UltraSound.  And back in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated HIUS would cure cancer at one appointment.
                In my practical experience of 1 MHz 5 W equipment purchased over the Internet, it is clear that even inoperable late stage liver cancer in a minute.  Usually only 30 seconds of HIUS is required.  For all 200 cancers out there!
                You and those without valid biochemical treatment.  Biochemical treatments usually kill within two years.  The patient dies in outstanding agony and discover.
                HIUS cures totally in one application!  Costing <0 .01="" and="" apply="" best="" cents="" dr.="" each="" favour="" financial="" has="" is="" medicine.="" nbsp="" no="" o:p="" obviously="" only="" promised="" registered="" so="" the="" this="" to="" with="">
                All biochemical treatments for cancer can no longer be used.  The world has the better answer!  HIUS equipment-in every GP surgery and hospital in the world.
                Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys, medics have published documents about high us clearing coronary heart disease totally.  Again and one single appointment.  30 seconds of HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidney years.
                No biochemical medication is required!
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage totally clears the inflated viral structure causing all types of diabetes.  The diabetes roommates within 10 minutes.  Though the biochemical insulin dependence may take a couple of weeks to cure.
                Weight loss surgery use defective medicine!  As are all biochemical treatments.
                HIUS applied for ½ minute to each side or the head totally clears mental health problems.  In my personal experience Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS, depression and schizophrenia.  It should also act for bipolar and other problems.
                Such devices are sold to remove wrinkles and the weight gain of age!  Cellulite and weight gain of coals by a bacterial laying down a protective fatty sheath around themselves.
                Regular use of a HIUS device at home will clear such effects.  Also clearing wrinkles.  Search on the Internet for ‘1 MHz ultrasound massage device cheapest’.
                This will clear all cancers, heart disease and diabetes out there.  Used on the arms and legs it will clear the inactive cells that accumulate with age.

Jonathan Thomason

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