Sunday, 20 July 2014

Faster than light!

20 July 2014
                Water can go faster than light?  Nothing.  But white in a gravity world slows down!  Everything slows down.  As the gravity acts to slow down the passage of local time: absolute time is fixed!
                But will run on local time!  We see this effect they travel on the jet aeroplane.  Where accurate clocks demonstrate that time moves faster as the gravity decreases.
                We leave at one place in the inner solar system.  But the voyager spacecraft blasted out to Jupiter!  And suddenly their economic sense while wrong!  Time in outer space moves quicker.
                At the age of the solar system time is a and four times quicker.  Which translates to speed of light the importance of larger!  Which it shrinks the universe!
                Interstellar space travels will be part in are medically induced coma.  And fed through a nasogastric tube!  There will be a rotation, so had 10% of the crew will be awake and functioning at any time.
                At crew change over time will be the night of Venus!  We are all the pent hormones will be discharged in 1 night: which will never be referred to again!
                The crew will be separated from their friends and family for ever!  They will age 25 years in a space journey.  The people as home will be safely buried!
                What are the interstellar radiation?  A big problem for space travel.  It renders the Apollo missions there was total space fantasy!  Each astronauts would have been dead from the naked solar radiation outside the earth’s magnetic field, before they made a Moon fall!
                Real astronauts will use super conducting magnetic coils to deflect the solar radiation!  100 meters before the craft!  Any Mars programme would have to start by admitting Apollo was a fake.
                We couldn’t actually do in real space program to the Moon today!  But only with significant radiation shielding the Apollo craft did not have.
                Science fiction writer of the magnetic idea in the 1950s!  No real scientists don’t read science fiction.  Even if there are about to concoct their own.

Jonathan Thomason

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