Thursday, 31 July 2014

Free power!

31 July 2014
                We use ground sonar to locate a fluid filled magma chamber.  10 metres down and two metres east from a river!  All we can locate one in the sea.
                We drill down we get basically a limitless supply of superheated water than two and 50° C 8.4 atmospheres, ideal for generating power!
                First we pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner: as it will contain metal dust.  40% gold!  The cell is on to process into ingots.  Just too much gold!  In two years we will double the amount a gold man has in his vaults.
                Though by then, it was cease to have any value at all!  So will bury it again in disused mine workings.  Just to get read of it.
                We pass the steam through a steam turbine.  And generate electricity!  With no fossil fuel burn.  Our ancestors will think burning gas and oil to generate electricity is a most stupid idea ever!
                Will take what we need your own uses, and that of the neighbourhood.  Will sell the rest to local power company.  They will retail the electricity, and make a margin.  They will not employ a monolithic power stations.
                No point!  Nature power is basically so cheap.  And then we get the gold and platinum.  Gold will cease to have value pretty rapidly.
                At least platinum dust and uses.  And will retain a little value.  What will happen to British Gas.  Their facilities will make excellent car sales points.

Jonathan Thomason

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