Friday, 25 July 2014

Galaxo Smith Kline ‘criminal’?

25 July 2014
                Over the shut case!  Inducing register doctors to prescribe defective medicine is criminal.  Physically as he has resulted in the avoidable deaths of 300,000,000 patients-who had died screaming in agony around the world.
                GSK China has given direct financial inducements to register doctors: which are real results in the MD serving six years in jail.  And every senior manager is instantly dismissed!
                The lawyers tolerated physical inducements-well biochemistry was the best treatment option for cancer.
                But since 2002 High Intensity UltraSound (e.g. one MHZ 5 W ultrasound applied for ½ minute from a massage device bought over the Internet for 20 UK pounds) has been medically demonstrated to clear cancer.
                All cancers share the same inflated cell structure foreign to body cells: so all cancers are cured by ½ minutes of HIUS.  As every registered Dr. On earth knows!
                GSK and Astra Zeneca were equally aware they were paddling defective medicine: killing the patient in a standing agony within two years usually.  A one appointment total cure was so obviously better!
                So the consumer electronics, subsidise conferences and family holidays translates immediately his own financial value-totally prohibited by standard criminal!  No longer the best medicine.  No longer permitted by the Hippocratic oath.
                So over last 12 years GSK has acted in are medically criminal way ALL over the world.  Incidentally HIUS is as effective in clearing malaria.  So a malarial vaccination is likewise defective, prohibited medicine.
                GSK operator is zero tolerance of criminal activity!  So every manager who was aware of the criminality is instantly dismissed!  Every manager at Glaxo SmithKline.  Similarly at Astra Zeneca and other the biochemical drug companies.
                The biggest criminality a mass murderer in human history!  Every avoidable death warrants a 25 year jail term for each other medics involved.  Every prescribing GP does a millennia in jail!
                Each avoidable death translates to a legal fine of $10,000,000.  Which equates to 4000 trillion-but there is only 128 trillion in world economies!
                Bio chemistry is thus criminal, bankrupt and fatal technology ever devised.

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