Saturday, 12 July 2014

Illegal inducements

12 July 2014
                I used to work in engineering!  And then you must be very careful about what gifts you gave your customers.  Basically anything which can be seen as a naked inducements is going to be illegal!  An end up with a prison sentence of six years.
                The drug companies maintained that biochemical treatments were the best answer the world how to cancer.  And so they gave out inducements, to maintain their research spend!  This is very legally dubious!
                Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applying High Intensity UltraSound to cancer.  And got a one appointment total cure!  That changed everything.
                No biochemical industry was dispensing inducements to prescribe defective medicine.  And worse still, they kept the exact records of the doctors prescription history!  And give out inducements is to ratio to drug prescriptions.
                The best answer to cancer was HIUS!  But the drug companies do not market HIUS.  Suddenly their inducing super ethical people to transgress the Hippocratic oath they had taken to enter Medical Service.
                Applying defective medicine contravenes the Hippocratic oath.  And yet national bodies lay GMC allowed doctors to prescribe defective medicine.  Why?  The usual answer is money.  Basic corruption.
                There is no legal difference between giving out money, and giving out plants as a reward for prescribing history.  Lawyers equates the work of the item with a direct financial gift.
                This applies to consumer electronics, subsidise conferences and even family holidays.  For each direct gift both parties get 10 years in jail.  The gift of an item is taken as exactly equivalent to a direct financial gift.
                The MD of GSK China is facing a six years in jail for all the rising direct financial parents to G P’s.  In Britain the drug company MDs are looking a custodial sentence is 50,000 times longer.
                Basically full life terms!  The doctors will instantly be struck up.  And face the same jail time.  Incentivising defective medicine is probably the most criminal act of the early 21st century.
                All down under the noses are supposedly super ethical and legal institutions: the AMA and GMC.  The drug company is to apply the highest lawyers in the world.
                Thei must have told the drug companies before 2002, they were treading on very dangerous ground!  After the demonstration of HIUS being totally effective; what they’re doing was simply criminal!
                The only law I studied at university was comparable.  And even I would have realized this is the biggest criminal act in history.

Jonathan Thomason

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