Saturday, 26 July 2014

Irrigate the world

26 July 2014
                The British shortage on earth is fresh water!  Salt water or polluted river water cannot be used for irrigation!  This is a very easy problem to solve.
                Boiling room pressure pressure water takes a lot of energy!  High pressure desalination is nearly as energy intensive, and very dangerous!
                But if we reduce the pressure on water, it boils at a lower temperature!  By definition only one metre of vacuum head will cause even ice to convert into water vapour!  All liquid water does boils away!
                This is a tiny pressure!  A winter turbine mounted at the sea shore will produce the required amount of pumping most of the year!  Is sunny countries a solar driven vacuum pump will produce the required pressure all day.
                We then our network of solar driven vacuum pumps to transport the water vapour in shore.  We then vent the water vapour as a high reservoir!  And the water condenses and fuels the reservoir are.
                Water vapour takes 1/1000th the pumping required to transport liquid water.  This will remove all salts, and all contaminants!  So he can suck pure water as the most polluted river on earth.
                We then use irrigation channels to irrigate the fields-an idea fully developed by the Roman empire!
                So we can end global hunger and thirst.  The plants will suck carbon dioxide from the air!  But even today global photosynthesis caps free carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.
                It’s a static level since before industry!  Man made climate change is biologically stupid fiction from the diseased pens of nuclear stooges.  You obviously do not believe it for a manner second!
                Carbon dioxide levels of global he static.  The weather changes with predictable solar cycles!  Totally outside my mans control.

Jonathan Thomason

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