Friday, 11 July 2014

Limitless gold

11 July 2014
                Throughout all civilisations, mankind has only extracted 156,000 tonnes of gold.  But the earth’s core contains 411,000,000 tonnes!  So we have extracted under 0.03%!
                But highly pressure and temperature water dissolves heavy metals-including gold.  And there is such a river of water flowing on the earth’s core.  It forms the mantel!  A dynamic skin to the earth’s core.
                The heavy metals are dissolved out, and the cold lava sinks and is replaced by new core material.  So constantly the river of geothermal water that circulates in anticlockwise fashion around the earth has a limit saturation of gold.
                Why he does it circulate?  It doesn’t!  The earth moves in a clockwise direction.  The river of water is trying to keep still.  Within five kilometres of where ever you’re reading this, the river of geothermal water will be circulating!
                He places it collects in magma pockets, only 10 metres below the earth’s surface.  Still no limit saturation of gold.
                This is a source of every river on earth!  Is has lost its salts, and their heavy metals precipitate as it rises to the earth’s surface.  To be the source of every river.  Still with us some gold in it!  Which is why panning for gold works.
                But mostly gold the heavy metals precipitate out as the pressure on water drops.  So we do the obvious.  We use ground sonar to attract a river source back.  Until we find a magma pockets at least 10 metres below the earth’s surface.
                We then drill down to this water.  It emerges at the surface superheated, with heavy metals he.  We vent the pressure from 8.4 to 8.2 atmospheres.  And pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.
                This extracts the metal powder.  Which we sell on to process into ingots!  40 per cent of which (by volume) will be gold.  99.8% of the gold have extracted by man, is being endlessly repurposed.
                It’ll only take two years to double the amount a gold available to man.  I have but this idea out on the Internet two years ago.  Which is why we are seeing gold prices crash!  The Kruger mines reduce their production to increase the gold price.
                But now they are incidental!  Geothermal Miners are producing 100 times more gold than the world could possibly want.
                We then get clean steam!  At 8.2 atmospheres 240° C: I used to be a metallurgist!  This is my master’s degree area.  We use this to generate electricity.
                No fossil fuel bound.  No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  Electricity produced by waste nature power!  They usually drives volcanoes and earthquakes.  Man’s energy requirements are just too minuscule for nature to even notice.
                So basically we get free electricity!  For which the air has an almost limitless demand.  And it is massively overpriced!  A really useful byproduct.
                As a bicycle continues to crash will end up varying the gold ingots in disused mine workings.  Just to get rid of the soft malleable metal.  The electricity will always have value.
                The medical produced over the last 50 years exceeds the gold extracted in the free is 150 years.  Geothermal mining can double the amount a gold available in only two years.
                And the process caries on!  I am not very interested in the gold.  Am very interested in the power generation industry.  Produced with no carbon dioxide!  Utilising no enriched uranium.  Causing no intermittent global toxic death.
                Present nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist!  Its waste remains lethal for 100,000 years.  Every corner of a century it causes an controlled release of radiation over a continent.  It is a horrible industry!
                When you factor in the cost of handling the radioactive waste, it is eight times as expensive as burning fossil fuels!  And that is massively overpriced.
                Nature is a limitless source of superheated steam for power the ingots generation.  The earth’s core contains enough gold to cover the surface of the earth to a depth of 6 feet!  Gold is the fifth most abundant element on earth.
                It is soft, malleable and basically worthless.  If you have a gold jewelry today, so we will coals still has some value!  In two years it will not.

Jonathan Thomason

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