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Massive wealth

19 July 2014
                In my personal experience every practicing GP is familiar with HIUS and its efficacy.  The Moffitt cancer centre published a one appointment clearance of cancer in 2002: no biochemistry involved!
                All register doctors are required to know about and apply the best medicine.  They all know about it!  But used not to implement the racism plants in human Health Care ever.
                In my personal experience HIUS has many descriptions:
150 Watts 40 kHz              =0.6
5 W 1 MHz                        =5
>1.5 W 3 MHz              =>4.5
                The crucial number is the power times frequency!  Which I have included after the ultrasound description.  The cheapest source is an ultrasonic massage device.  I use a 5 watt 1 MHz device-after my 150 W device broke.  We chose company has ceased trading!
                I used it to clear cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mental are problems.
Cancer:                                      externally to the affected organ for ½ minute
Heart disease:                            externally to the top left the chest and the kidneys, each area 30 seconds.
Diabetes:                                    for all types.  ½ minute to lower right of the rib cage just once
Mental health problems:              ½ minute to each side or the head.  100% effective against Parkinson’s, MS, Altzimer’s, depression and schizophrenia.  It should also work against Bipolar and manic depression.
                With cancer I also applied the HIUS to the liver the armpits and brain.  I have a 100% cure rate of all the diseases of age.
                My American friend with HIV apply the HIUS for ½ minute to the major artery in each way.  This will cause the HIV cells to explosively fragment.
                The B cells then act as antigen presenting centres.  Making an auctioning the active antibody against HIV.
                Take a blood sample will allow us to obtain this enzyme.  We can then replicated in a drug factory.  A single course of these antibody pills will cure other people of hHIV.  The people at Cambridge University should really be proving this science!
                All cancers and infections share six common enzymes!  Which are non native.  So he can sample for the antibody is produced, identify the six common enzymes and produce pills will cure cancer in one caus of drugs!  This will really change life on earth!
                The biggest application of HIUS is curing all infections.  Applying the HIUS to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute will coals all pathogens cells to fragment.
                The local dendrites will then make an action the active antibody.  These are the enzymes that we sample for.  Every person alive will require three courses of these pills every year of her life.
                30 billion corses annually!  This is a nice business.  This will halt the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                Half are cancers are now being cured!  Biochemistry is designed to cure nothing.  Heart disease deaths are down by 75%.  Diabetes deaths should be down by 60 per cent.
                Was the world fully adopts HIUS all these diseases will be incurable.  Any GP surgery has a HIUS device-designed to clear limb damage.  Physiotherapists has spent 25 years writing about this subject.
                So the first medic who cells using HIUS will take all the patients from the strain doctors.  Then they have the large income for ever-curing infections.

cure to age and cancer -HIFU (Life books Book 1) by Jonathan Thomason (14 Oct 2012)

Jonathan Thomason

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