Friday, 11 July 2014

Medical fraud

11 July 2014
                An ultrasonic massage device acts as a fantastically cheap High Intensity UltraSound device.  American medics at the Moffitt cancer centre published 100,000 double blind trial on HIUS clearing prostate cancer 2002.
                It causes pressurised cells to experience cell content boiling.  They fragment explosively!  Clearing the disease.  All 200 cancers are pressurised cells.  The bacterial plaque in coronary heart disease is located on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys and he is also pressurise.
                All types of diabetes I characterised by her pressurised cell structure in the pancreas.  1 30 second blast of 1 MHz 5 W ultrasound from an ultrasound massage device clears all these pressurise structures.
                Clearing cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes.  The devices can be purchased for under 30 UK pounds.  Each application costs 0.001 pence.
                And one application should clear the disease!  Though I advocate 3.  Including to the armpits, liver and brain.  So we are talking about 0.05 UK pence.
                Once you have the device ½ minute of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose will cure all infections.  Stopping the development of cancers, heart disease or diabetes.
                And every radius is no need knows about HIUS.  This makes weight loss surgery for diabetes defective medicine.  I have personally seen 20 diabetics lose weight naturally was the diabetes is cleared.
                So no register medic can offer biochemical treatments for three major diseases of age.  Charging 12,000 UK pounds for residential care to apply biochemistry is simple fraud!
                Totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath: every registered Dr. Takes before commencing Medical Service.  Biochemical prescriptions were cured two 1st degree murder.
                Writing 10 years’ jail time for each medic involved.  And a legal fine of $10,000,000!  People can cure cancer at home using their own ultrasound device!
                Three weeks ago it was announced 50% of cancers are being cures.  Bio chemistry areas to cure nothing.  98% of cancer patients will die screaming in agony!
                Suddenly half the cancers are being cured!  This has nothing to fear if only cancer detection.  As Bio chemistry cures nothing!  He will not be used if it did.
                The only people who can make biochemical prescriptions are registered Dr.s.  Every one of age knows high as cures the three major diseases of age.  And he also cures all infections!
                Cancer Research raises money for biochemical research.  Using only registered Dr.s.  Oh are ethically prohibited from doing research work on biochemical treatments.  They must repay all money is paid to them since 2002.
                Cancer Research must return all moneys they have raced around the world for unethical medical research.
                And must stop raising fresh cash: cancer is cured!

Jonathan Thomason

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