Monday, 7 July 2014

Most bankrupt industry

7 July 2014
                Low power ultrasound will show the presence of hardened white cells structures in all cancers, heart disease or diabetes.  Also in asthma and arthritis.
                Higher Power UltraSound will pop these cells.  As he ultrasound initiates significant molecular nuclear fusion in the structure.
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+X ray
                This is a source of the X rays or demonstrates the presence of the structures causing the diseases.  After only 30 seconds of HIUS the structures are cleared!  And with it the disease.  All biochemical treatments are defective medicine!  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                This is known to all doctors and drug companies after the Moffitt cancer centre published the work on HIUS 2002.
                Diabetes arises as a result of a lengthy infection!  There has been no outbreak of disease!  So to presuppose there is a sudden outbreak of diabetes defies reason!
                ½ minute of HIUS clears all diabetes!  As shown by low power ultrasound scan.  The blood sugar levels of individual return to normal.
                Astra Zeneca has just sold his cancer patients to the Swiss!  In exchange for its patents on asthma and 120,000,000 UK pounds.  HIUS to the chest clears all asthma.
                So they GP is a more allowed to prescribe biochemical treatments.  Inhalers are not permitted by the Hippocratic oath!  Their prescription is medical malpractice!
                As in the prescription of biochemical treatments for heart disease and cancer.  So effectively Astra Zeneca paid 120,000,000 UK pounds for the Swiss to shred the biochemical patents!  They are so do not have any value!
                Since 2002 30,000,000 people a year had died under biochemical treatments!  Either in excruciating agony, are very suddenly!  3x107.  We are talking exponentials here, as a fine of indebtedness of Astra Zeneca is larger than the total economic wealth of the planet.
                Medical drop of Astra Zeneca shares.  Until Pfizer showed interest in buying the company!  This stabilized the share price.
                15 years.  $10,000,000 legal damages for a patient!  106.  So we get to the total indebtedness of Astra Zeneca.
                15 x3x107 x 106 =6x1014.  The total economic value of the planet is $1.2x1012
                So in other words Astra Zeneca alone owes 500 times the economic wealth of the planet!  Shared with the prescribing G P's.  His insurance gives out at 1x108 dollars.  Basically event are bankrupt every health centre on earth.
                And Astra Zeneca of orchid any economic history as the most serious murderous organization in history!  And the most bankrupt.  If you have shares in Astra Zeneca, try and sell them!  But basically kiss that money goodbye.
                The same rationale applies to the rest the biochemical industry!  The MD of GSK is already facing a six years for illegal inducements in China.  Every drug company gives G P's inducements to prescribe there are defective medicine!
                There is a legal term for this: criminal fraud!

Jonathan Thomason

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