Sunday, 20 July 2014

Parkinson’s sorted

20 July 2014
                I was in my church health group with an ultrasonic massage device: 150 Watts 40 kHz.  Such an ultrasound source of been used in Florida have to cure cancer at one appointment.  As anxious to know how it worked!
                A lady came in with MS and Parkinson’s.  I assured her personal ultrasonic head massage would not hurt her.  There might well healthy condition!
                I given 30 seconds of High Intensity UltraSound to the head: I now use 5 W  MHZ.  Which appears to slightly more affective!
                ‘very pleasant’ she also had a she reached for her drink.  Parkinson’s is characterised by shaking of the hands of she tried to lift a drip.  I was regretting having fun my waterproofs away!
                She lifted the cup to her lips and drank: normally.  They shaking.  We both looked at each other in amazement!
                Both her MS and Parkinson’s have been totally cleared in around a minutes.  The have since clear othered people are also MS and MS.  The HIUS causes the inflated structure left behind by four viral infection to fragment.
                Clearing the disease!  Exactly like the Moffitt cleared cancer.

Jonathan Thomason

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