Thursday, 31 July 2014

Power companies are bankrupt!

31 July 2014
Burning oil or gas is the first way man found to do nuclear fusion on earth!
1        CH4+3O2->CO2+2H2O-E
2        CH4+pO2->CO2+(2He2+ +O2-+E2+X ray)
I will leave you to do the equation for Cm(H2O)n.
 The balance between 1&2 can be changed by increasing the gas pressures, or titanium plating the boiler plate.  A think Ti plate with higher pressure gases will reduce the gas burned by a factor of six!  To be uses the same heat.
 There is a simpler answer!  Nature shows us how.  Heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion
3        H2O+T->He2+ +O2- +E2

  When we get a 5000 volts/100 amp charge build up, we get a lightening down strike.  Which takes ½ MW to set up.
When it touches down his release 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  It produces 5 tonnes of helium gas, and releases light and radio waves.  There is no chemical source of any of these!
More energy in three seconds than man has ever generated.  Every 3 minutes throughout the year.  1040 Watts annually.  We only get 1060 from direct sun light.
Lightning fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant life.  That limits free carbon dioxide to only two parts per million: it’s a static level in the air since before the industrial revolution.  Man has no import into the carbon cycle.
The most he can do is re-establish a life the fossil fuels were in prehistory.  No possible effect on the weather.  But not very convenient or reliable!
But it tells us that a 2cm thick steam plasma one metre long, will release a constant 5.8 MW.  Replacing eight rows of gas or oil burners.  The plasma will take 2000 volts 0.001 amps to set up.  And will self sustains above four atmospheres.
So industry can easily replace 8 oil or gas burners, with why the steam plasma tube.  Which is more exothermic!  Uses no fossil fuels.  Produces no carbon dioxide.  And produces no more nuclear radiation.
As gas or oil burners produce nuclear radiation.  I wish he had known this when I worked in engineering in the 1980s.  It is such a massive cost saving!
Utilising a truly minuscule volume of regular water, in place of thousands of gallons of over expensive fossil fuels.
A steam plasma is four times as exothermic as a hyper toxic uranium fission tube.  And produces utterly no hyper toxic radioactive waste.
We can retrofit the system in old central heating boilers.  Utilising natural nuclear fusion in place of an oil or gas burn.
The present power companies are drinking in last drink saloon!  As nuclear fusion will totally replace their industries within five years.
It is so close to being a free it isn’t true!  Bowle there is a better Energy System.
Running around the air was core is a river of superheated water.  That is fair give it down from the seas and Rivers of the earth.  On meeting the air was core, is heats up!  So the mantel the region where the water it just remains liquid.
It is 8.4 atmospheres.  250° C.  And high temperature and pressure liquid water dissolves heavy metals-like gold, platinum, silver, copper…
In places this water collects in underground pockets.  Just liquid.  We drill down to this water.  And pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  To get clean steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.
Ideal for generating electricity!  And this superheated water is basically an inexhaustible supply!  Provided superheated by nature.  The earth’s core contains 411,000,000 tonnes of gold.
Throughout history man has only mind the 156,000 tonnes we can produce that much in only two years!  Not going to do a lot for the gold price.
Which is why it is crashing!  Coal traders desperately sought small quantities, to try and maintain the gold price.  This is illegal!  Basically gold is valueless.
Platinum is not far behind it.  The rest-give me a laugh!  And we produce even amounts of free electricity.  Which will continue to have a lower value.
Nobody in their right mind would ever prefer as burning fossil fuels to generate power every game.  And certainly never contemplate hyper toxic uranium fission.
Uranium fission produces intermittent continental toxic death.  Surely the most fatal industry ever!  And radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
And our great27 grandchildren will still be paying to store it!  Long after nuclear power has cease to exist.
So free nature power and gold!  The saloon has just slammed it’s door shut.
Jonathan Thomason

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