Friday, 18 July 2014

Reducing fossil fuel burn

18 July 2014
                I came up with this idea in 2003: inspired by the comments are a professor Z-my PH D supervisor.  We replace the cooling tower in a conventional power plant.
                We are replaced it with a double helix!  Up 1 leg, we pass a lower Power Gas.  Such as ammonia!  Down the second leg we pass our used steam as he says driven a steam turbine.  And generated power.
                The steam condenses, to give a steam cycle and the low pressure end it needs.  But rather than throw the heat away, it is contained in a low pressure cold gas!  At 90° C.
                We pressurise it.  Only tripling the pressure gas analysis a temperature of 420° C.  This is first year engineering thermodynamics stuff.
                We now pass this heat biology to boil off water, secondly to super heat the steam.  This generates more power!
                We run the boiler room as a windscale kettle.  We take up 10 per cent of the produced steam, and bubble it back through the boiler room water.  This produces term percent more steam!
                Which leaves us with 90% steam for power generation.  We only burn fossil fuels to start the plant of.
                Then the system heat is produced by the molecular nuclear fusion A steam turbine plant does today:
                Firstly where we boil off water
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+gwr
                The production of helium and gamma wave radiation is written up in the university engineering textbooks.  We are using a frighteningly minuscule amount of the system water.  Which we convert into helium and oxygen gases.
                We must have some mechanism to vent these gases from the condensed steam.  It is a frighteningly large Energy System!  Generating four times more heat than hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                We also do 1 in the turbine hall!  I have personally experienced when I locked into a working turbine at NEI (now part of Siemens) in 1983.  Every working conventionally fired a steam turbine emits higher frequency X rays.
                There is no source of nuclear fission.  So doing massive amounts of molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why the steam heats up by 10° C as it does used to work in the turbine hall.
                This is also why steam turbines produce helium and ozone gases.  This is a source of the ozone from high voltage electrical switchgear.  It is doing molecular nuclear fusion!

Jonathan Thomason

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