Friday, 25 July 2014

Replacing gas

25 July 2014
                Burning gas is there a week way to do nuclear fusion:
1                     CH4+3O2->CO2+2H2O
2                     2CH4+3O2->CH4+2(He+O3+E2)
The simplest way to bias the reactions towards 2, is to titanium plate the boiler plate!  Which will double the heat output of the system for ever!  The same heat from half the gas!
                A slightly more involved way is to pressurise the gas is room for combustion!  As the amount of heat rises exponentially the gas pressure.
                There is a far more efficient way he to do (molecular) nuclear fusion!  Atomic nuclear fusion is twice as energetic.  But harder to engineer.
                Fire up a steam plasma!  Lightning is a partial steam plasma!  And suggests that the pure steam plasma at four atmospheres pressure, will convert regular water into constant 40 MW/m of heat.
3                     H2O+T->2H++O22++4e-
4                     1H++e- ->1+rH+->E2+L+gwr
5                     O2-+s n0 ->B->Be->He->H+
Basically the hydrogen ions, free electrons to form neutrons.  That enrich other hydrogen ions, causing them to undergo nuclear fusion into massive energy, light and a little gamma wave radiation (higher frequency X rays).
The oxygen ions combine with the neutrons the coming enriched.  Tdon’t fission into boron, beryllium, and more hydrogen.
                A hydrogen plasma is twice as exothermic!  And we just two little electrolysis of regular water to produce hydrogen on demand.  A hydrogen plasma is 16 times as exothermic as burning gas and oil.
                A steam plasma is a more manageable eight times!  We employ regular water.  And produces no solid radioactive waste!  All the matter is up as energy, light and X rays.
                Even today burning boiling gas produces helium and X rays-as a steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion.  So yes, man is two centuries experience of steam plasmas!
                There is no need to burn overpriced fossil fuels!  And certainly no need to do hyper toxic and expensive nuclear fission: which produ       ces radioactive waste lethal for 100,000 years!
                Handling this waste 1000 times more expensive than generating power!  The hidden cost of hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  And from

Jonathan Thomason

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