Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spanish flue & Ebola

30 July 2014
                Was the regular flu, until a patient got gas in the trenches.  Then the flu learned how to make mustard gas.  Which is why it had decimated so much of Europe!  Fungal antibiotics would have cured it, as though cause the antigen presenting centres to churn out the effective human antibody,
                Giving a drip of interleukin two and four jump starts the immune system!  It is soun was cell damage has occurred elsewhere in the body.  Otherwise interleukin two and four would not be present.
                So the local transient presenting centres make the active antibody to novel structures in the body: new structures to the adults!  Without interference bollerance.  Luckily transplanting the heart and lungs confirms interleukin tolerance and then your new heart.
                Medics were getting excited about her HIV being a pandemic.  It turns out six months on amino acid blockers clears HIV.
                And applying high intensity ultrasound unit (e.g. 5 W 1 MHZ) to a major blood artery for a minute causes the B cells to make an action the specific human antibody.
                High us to the chest throat and nose clears all infections.  Applied externally it cures all cancers.  If applied for ½ minute.  My time is it clears coronary heart disease and diabetes: heart disease requires 30 seconds to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.
                My immune drip of interleukin two and four at concentrations C and in a individual getting better from an infection, will make an action the active antibody to all three major diseases of age.
                It will also make an action the human antibody to Ebola: which makes human enzymes inappropriately.  Dr. MatZinger taught me a couple of years ago that this does not matter to the antigen presenting centres.
                Enzymes of place Canada’s foreign enzymes to the body.  HIUS to a major blood artery will also clear Ebola
                In the same way they counted swine flu and SARs.  Which is both vanished before they reached pandemic levels.
                It is an engineering idea applied to medicine written up by Riott et al.
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